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  1. I have used various releases of the free version of AdAware for about 5 years. I have always installed them on an external drive. Well, my external has now died and I need to reinstall AdAware onto my local "C" Drive. However there seems to be a problem doing this. Every time I try to reinstall (Via internet download) the installer first wants to un-install an AdAware. But it cannot successfully do so because this ghost vesion existed on my old external "K" Drive. The "K" Drive no longer exists, it's not hooked up so of course I get the "invailed file location" message. DUH How do I get around this? It will not let me install unless I first uninstall And it will not uninstall something that doesn't exist. The old program also shows up on my computer's 'add or remove programs' window. But I cannot get rid of it from there either for the same reason stated above. Why is AdAware still showing on my computer and preventing me from reinstalling it when the previous install was in a location on a drive that isn't there any more?