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  1. [size=2][font="Arial"][i]System specs: WinXP Pro SP3 w/Avast AV[/i] Hi I just purchased the Pro version to upgrade from the free version I was using. When I went to install the license, it seemed to hang for quite some time. I'm guessing that it was due to downloading program updates to move from the free to the Pro version as I was also downloading the complete version from the link off the web site receipt which was a much bigger file than the original install one. Once that was all done, my machine just hung. Any action took over 4 minutes to complete, if it completed at all. I couldn't even pull up Task Manager to see what, if anything, was hung. I couldn't even bring up the Start menu to do a reboot. I ended up dumping my box (pressing the reset button) and rebooting that way. Every time I went to log in, my machine would load most of the normal item (system tray) but Ad-Aware would not show up, nor would Ad-Watch. Again, my machine would just hang and I'd end up having to dump it and reboot. This happened about 3 times before I decided to go into Safe Mode to uninstall Ad-Aware, then go into the Administrator account to run Revo and do a full clean. I would then reboot and log into my installer admin account to try installing Ad-Aware again. When it would do the updates after installing, it would hang again. I'd dump the box and reboot, going into the installer account to see if the reboot would fix it, but it would load most of the items, then hang with no Ad-Aware or Ad-Watch in the system tray, and no response from the mouse clicks. However, booting into Safe Mode would find Ad-Aware sitting in the system tray with no problems. No Ad-Watch at all. Ever. I did this whole process with small variations to test about 6 times. I have lots of love for Revo Uninstaller! I was checking some of the other postings here and only found one that mentioned using Avast Antivirus and it said that I would have to turn off Ad-Watch as it has its own Antivirus program. Well, Ad-Watch (registry watcher, process watcher etc) is one of the biggest reasons I bought the Pro version as I was using an old SE version a long time ago with Ad-Watch and loved it. I went in and unchecked the Antivirus option, but it didn't seem to make any difference. As it sits now, I've done a Safe Mode uninstall and Revo cleanup, and await any advice or help as to what could be causing the issue. Any requests for additional details will be gladly answered. *Update - I did a little more digging and I'm suspecting that the built-in antivirus in Ad-Aware may be conflict with Avast, which is grinding most processes on my machine to a halt. Unfortunately there's no way to access it to disable the antivirus part to check as Ad-Aware isn't even accessable once I log in (system hangs). If anyone can confirm this and/or suggest a way to modify a specific file to prevent it from initializing the antivirus portion of the program (eg - changing the extension of the main file responsible for that aspect of Ad-Aware) I'd be willing to give it a try to verify this theory. Also, can anyone tell me why the initial download I did this morning was a different sized file than the one I downloaded later this afternoon? The one this afternoon was 7Mb smaller (same file name). Very odd. [/font][/size]