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  1. Hello Lavasoft, We're a game development company who is running into an issue with AdWatch on the free version of Ad-Aware. Our program runs fine on its own, but we're running into errors running the installer file (called installer.exe). When trying to open this file, AdWatch automatically blocks the file, requiring users to go into the settings and allow it manually. I'd like to be able to whitelist this file so that users don't get this prompt, but since it's an installer for a game which is still under private, we can't upload it to your servers. Is there any other conceivable way to get the file whitelisted? I'd like to point out that it would be mutually beneficial for us to get the file whitelisted, since we will be posting a list of acceptable virus checkers on our website. We would like to include Ad Aware on that list, so please let me know at your earliest convenience to get going on this process. Many thanks, Colin Cahill Oddmobb, Inc.