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  1. Does Adawrae 9.6 work with AVG and spybot?
  2. I was away on vacation for a week. Before I left everything was fine. Last updated 8/15/2012. I am running version 8.3.6. This morning when I turn on my PC and hit updates ... adaware downloads 1 file then reinitializes ... this has been going on for over an hour. Each file has a variation of the nma CSC39-EN-12712-12714-I.sbr.ssn.file ... the numbers are the part that is changing. Nothing else has been updated on my PC. I even shut down adaware and tried to update from the START -> PROGRAMS ->LAVASOFT and that did not help.
  3. Thanks. I will wait for your response. As of today (12/26) last update is still 12/21.
  4. I am running Adaware 8.3.6. My updates daily. I went to run a scan today and noticed that the last update was 12/21. I ran a manual update and it said that my software was up to date. That does not seem correct. Is there a problem?
  5. That appears to be the latest definition release. See this site ... [url=""][/url]
  6. I did find the solution under another thread. I stopped Adaware from running by right clicking and doing an exit. Then go to start ... all programs .. Adaware and update from there. It worked.
  7. I am running Adaware Free Internet Security 9.03. Last update was 4/12 0150.0363 When I try to update it begins downloading and applying the updates. When it gets to thorax.aaw it says Applying Update and the Update Manager just closes. No updates are applied. Any suggestions on how to fix this.
  8. So I uninstalled the old adaware and installed 9.0.2 After installing it downloads 416 files and installs them. THe PC then reboots and adaware tries to download additional files and I get the notice that the Update Manager can;t be reached. Something is wrong with the SW.