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  1. Hi there, Just to add to the list of AV's with which AAW9.6 exhibits this problem, I found that AAW8.3.5 wouldn't now update and, on checking, found that it was no longer supported so updated to v9.6. I then started getting the above problems with updates and was ready to tear my hair (what little is left!) out when I found this topic on the forum. I am running XP SP3 with Zonealarm (Firewall + Identity protection; Free AV disabled) and Avira Free AV 2012 as well as Ad-Aware. I guess that this means that there is a conflict between Ad-Aware and Avira for resources?? Anyway, as the problem is known about, this is just for info. Regards
  2. Thanks for that Cecilia B. I was on 8.2 and because I had no problems, didn't know that it had become unsupported. I have now upgraded to 8.3.6 and everything is OK. Regards
  3. Problem still there on Ad_Aware 8 (Connection Error reported at start of update sequence, and checking update.log file shows that the file /public/aawpttp/metafile.dat cannot be found). Does this mean that Lavasoft have now stopped supporting / providing update files for version 8 of Ad-Aware?
  4. Updates applying OK until file Viprebridge.dll.file.lzma (53Kb) is encountered. The error message 'Connection error, check your settings' is then displayed. I am running Avira free AV & ZoneAlarm Firewall and have tried disabling the AV to do the update, with no change in the outcome. Anybody any ideas as to how to fix this please?