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  1. [quote name='Mike Smith' post='126433' date='Apr 28 2011, 12:01 AM']Have you retried scanning? See if this time it also takes that long. There are articles out there on how to reset your clock, maybe those help. 13hours is way too long unless you have hard drive with 500GB of files in it. Mike[/quote] No I haven't retried scanning yet, but I'll make sure to do so once I'm on my desktop again. But I believe we figured out why it took so long; due to the program being minimized to my task bar. I do have a second hard drive full of movies, but I believe it was set not to be scanned, not sure. But I'll definitely check that, and then if possible; do a scan on just that hard drive to see how long it would take. Thanks for your two cents anyways, always appreciated. -Rich
  2. [quote name='CeciliaB' post='126411' date='Apr 27 2011, 06:35 AM']If you minimize or close the user interface of Ad-Aware after starting the scan, Ad-Aware will enter "idle mode scan" and it will only scan files when the computer isn't doing anything else and use as little CPU and memory as possible. This is very useful if you want to do other things with the computer during the scan but, of course, gives longer scan times.[/quote] This is definitely the case. I had it minimized the whole time. Thanks.
  3. [quote name='CeciliaB' post='126385' date='Apr 26 2011, 10:35 AM']Hi RichW, How old is your computer and how fast is it? Which Windows is installed? How much RAM memory is installed? Did the computer do anything else at the same time as the scan? Is another antivirus program installed? Does other hard disk activities take long time, for example chkdsk, defragmentation? All of the above might influence the scanning time.[/quote] My PC is a couple years old but I built it myself with high end (at that time) hardware. Windows XP 2GB RAM Nothing was running during scan I have trend micro installed, it may or may not have been doing a scan at the same time, I don't think so though. I did a defrag a few days ago and probably haven't done one sine my last reformat, which might have been a few years ago, and it took pretty long. But there isn't much junk on my PC. I keep it pretty simple and clean.
  4. [quote name='adulti' post='126293' date='Apr 23 2011, 12:52 AM']really weired, it must be problem of your cpu or memory, check it out.[/quote] Any ideas on how to go about that?
  5. It came to a stop just minutes before posting this post. Objects scanned: 394,163 Objects Removed: 59 (all cookies, except; Win32.Exploit.DCom is an explout that targets a known vulnerability in the Microsoft Windows Remote Proceduer Calls (RPC).) Regardless, I would like to know why it took so long. -.-
  6. So I started a full scan last night after installation (don't know why I didn't have it already, its been on all my PC's and laptops before) and it's still running, going on 13+ hours, which I think the timing is wrong because I started the scan around this time, anywhere from 1am-3am, so thats weird too. Objects scanned so far: 387,000+ Objects found so far: 1 Can anyone tell me why this might be taking so long, I don't think it ever used to take me this long with any PC/laptop I've had. The scan time is obviously wrong, I know I started the scan sometime around this time last night, give or take an hour or two. Unless for some reason it stopped scanning and started again, would it do that if the windows xp users is logged off or if windows is on idle? Note: Files on my computer aren't as much as an average computer, although because of my media there is a lot of hard drive storage taken up, on both drives. Thanks, -Rich