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  1. [quote name='CeciliaB' timestamp='1333121255' post='133950'] Hi vigo2007, If Ad-Aware Total security slowed down your computer, Ad-Aware 10 Pro Security should be a good choice since it is lighter. You should try it yourself before you buy it, and when you download Ad-Aware Free Antivirus+ you get a 30 day trial of Pro Security. [/quote] Hello Cecilia, I just bought a new licence for the ad aware total security but I regret, so you admit Total security will slow down more then the new version of ad aware, right? Can I interchange my total security license for a ad aware 10 pro license somehow? Please advice. Thanks
  2. Hello Lavasoft, I uninstalled Ad aware total security because it slows down my laptop too much, big impact in general, hope they can fix this in further updates. It's a heavy program, especially when I run a game, there is no game mode available. I also have a bad feeling that since the new version of ad aware 10, the total security will left behind in development and further updates/upgrades or? I am thinking to buy the new Internet security pro 10 instead. Please advice, Best Regards, Vigo 2007
  3. Probably, he tested no zero days....and these are the most important I assume.......However I really want to buy a license after the final release..... and will test it myself again thoroughly. Cheers
  4. [quote name='CeciliaB' timestamp='1329747199' post='133333'] Hi vigo2007, No antivirus program finds everything The database signatures are not updated so often in the beta version, why new malicious files could easily be missed. What did Ad-Aware miss? I have seen a red box near system tray from Ad-Aware real-time protection, saying it has blocked something, but it might have been with an earlier beta version. I hope you haven't activated "Gaming mode". I think most users are not interested in receiving a lot of information from their antivirus program, and certainly not a pop-up several times a day that the signatures have been updated. [/quote] Hi all, Thanks for the compliments of my Avatar....McVicker.....Hahaha.... Anyway, I just tested some different kind of malware, I used some sites like: malwaredomainlist and Malc0de and another one....tested quite a few links but I think almost the half of them where not catched. I like to see a possibility to turn the popup on/off or something like you can choose yourself. I really appreciate it when there is a virus on my computer, my antivirus program warns me. Also I would like to know it will update regularly, maybe there is a server error so I cannot update the latest version and all zero days can infect my pc. Just let us choose, some like it to be warned, others the moment we have a lot of problems with install programs,fake programs, they seems harmless but they really are....more and more appears lately and a lot of anti virus programs can't detect them... Anyway...any news when Lavasoft will release version 10? Have a good day! Regards Vigo 2007
  5. Nice, cool interface.... but indeed there must be some kind of alerts when virus/malware is blocked maybe also when the new updates are installed, just provide us more information what is going on. During the test, Ad-Aware failed to protect the PC......but it's still in Beta, so maybe they will improve their protection.... I am looking forward to their official release....any news already?
  6. I am still waiting for the new release of Lavasoft.........

  7. [quote name='CeciliaB' post='128038' date='Jul 5 2011, 04:11 PM']Hi vigo2007, I haven't seen anything about conflicts with any firewall, and for example PC Tools Firewall Plus and Online Armor Free usually have good results in tests.[/quote] Private firewall for example conflicts, computer ran very slow, pc tools I haven't try it yet. I thought maybe you have some good experience with a third party firewall. Anyway, thanks for your quick reply! Cheers
  8. [quote name='masmer' post='128026' date='Jul 5 2011, 03:08 AM']Hi All, Being a newbie, can somebody help me Turn my Ad-Aware Pro ON. It shows OFF on all Ad-Watch. I have no idea how to turn it ON. Thanks for any help.[/quote] Do you have already downloaded the latest updates? (webupdate?) Otherwise there is something wrong with the installation. Are you using another antivirus program perhaps?
  9. [quote name='CeciliaB' date='Jul 1 2011, 02:51 PM' post='127971'] Hi peperpuppy, Absolutely, Ad-Aware doesn't contain a Firewall. Hello Cecilia, Which one is the best firewall to use without any conflics? I am using the pro version. Any idea?