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  1. [quote name='CeciliaB' post='128073' date='Jul 7 2011, 06:09 PM']Hi TH L, I'm Swedish, so if necessary we can try to use our own languages. Has it always been like this or has it started recently? During the start of Windows there is a lot of processes that need to be checked by Ad-Aware, which then need a lot of memory and CPU (processor) time. It also means more work for the processor and therefore the fan has to rotate faster. Specially if it is warmer in the room now due to the summer. The behaviour you describe, using the processor and memory a lot, is that only during start or is that the whole time? Do you have other antivirus programs or other security programs installed?[/quote] Thank u both I'm pretty sure its from Lavasoft I've got Windows Security Essential as my main Anitvirus Program. There is something else: A couple of days ago (2 or 3) I got the message that Ad-Aware had stopped working properly and that a report would be sent. Have u got such a report now?
  2. Im not quite familiar with the english words for task manager (oppgavebehandling), but there is a very high usage of the prosessor when i look at task manager (in percent ?) when it comes to Ad-Aware Service Application. When my laptop starts up it makes a little to much noice as i see it compared with earlier, and when i look at task manager under prosesses it use more than 50 percent of the memory under startup, and of up to 100 prosesses, its the only one then using memory. There is a "kolonne" wich in norwegian are called "Minne(privat arbeidssett)" that changes all the time for AAWService, from under 20.000 kB up to over 50.000 kB sometimes, and this change and the change of the percentage use, worries me a little bit. My question is: Is all of this normal or is there a chance that i have been invaded in my Ad-Aware with a virus or hacker? Sometimes it feels like i'm being watched from behind a wall, and there are unusual sounds, even typing and singel words. Thank you TH L