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  1. Is it possible to make your own language packs?
  2. Make sure you are logged in as an administrator, it could be as simple as this.
  3. Slow startup is common especially when the program is fighting with others to get to the same spot, if that makes sense. You need to alter your start up items.
  4. Did this fix the problem permanently or did it keep popping back up?
  5. that is how upgrades work as AA 9 will just make some adjustments to what already exists in your previous installation. If you are worried about the extra baggage just stick with the old version and keep the definitions updated.
  6. [quote name='TH L' post='128060' date='Jul 6 2011, 05:33 PM']Im not quite familiar with the english words for task manager (oppgavebehandling), but there is a very high usage of the prosessor when i look at task manager (in percent ?) when it comes to Ad-Aware Service Application. When my laptop starts up it makes a little to much noice as i see it compared with earlier, and when i look at task manager under prosesses it use more than 50 percent of the memory under startup, and of up to 100 prosesses, its the only one then using memory. There is a "kolonne" wich in norwegian are called "Minne(privat arbeidssett)" that changes all the time for AAWService, from under 20.000 kB up to over 50.000 kB sometimes, and this change and the change of the percentage use, worries me a little bit. My question is: Is all of this normal or is there a chance that i have been invaded in my Ad-Aware with a virus or hacker? Sometimes it feels like i'm being watched from behind a wall, and there are unusual sounds, even typing and singel words. Thank you TH L[/quote] Where did you get AdAware? there is a chance you have something attached, but in general is does require a lot of CPU power...