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  1. [quote name='kaitanglee' timestamp='1345843340' post='138362'] I have been attempting to get help from Lavasoft Support, through their online contact support page. First time, 7/12/12, no response. Second time, 8/6/12, no response.Third time, 8/9/12, no response. First off, is this how they treat everyone seeking support, or only me? I have attempted to find an answer to my issue by searching for it, but I've had no luck. Maybe I'm not searching using the proper terms? I'm hoping someone out there can help me, because I'm not sure what else to do. I purchased Ad-Aware Total Security 1-Year with 3 license keys on 12/28/11. Under Info, it says version I have 3 computers using this software, my desktop, my laptop, and my daughter's laptop. My daughter had some issues with her laptop and had to do a factory reset. She has re-installed the software for Ad-Aware Total Security, from the backup CD I purchased. But it will not allow her to download any updates. I can't figure out how to correct this. I have the license key for her laptop for the software, and the user name and password, but it still isn't working. Does her laptop somehow need to be un-registered, and then re-registered? Or am I missing something else entirely? Her laptop has been without any updates of any kind since mid-July, and she is getting ready to move back to college soon. I would like to get this issue resolved before she leaves. Any help would be very much appreciated, as I am getting no resolution or response from customer service. I've never used a forum before, so I hope I've done it correctly, and chosen the correct sub-forum. Thank you very much! [/quote] Hi Kaitangle, please check your inbox as well as the junk/spam folder. I have sent you an email with assistance.
  2. LS Sharon

    Error 1706

    Hi ImmiMax, Thank you for your post. Please uninstall the program, by going to: Start -> Programs -> Lavasoft -> Ad-Aware -> and click on Uninstall Ad-Aware [b]*** Please make sure to uncheck the boxes to remove the definitions, files kept and settings as this will ensure that no part of the software is left on the system *** [/b] Reboot your computer. Then download the software again, re-install it, and register it again. You can download the new Ad-Aware10.1 via the link below: [u][/u] Make sure to Reboot your computer. This step is crucial. Sincerely, Sharon
  3. Hi Chopin, Please click the link below to download and install the following program: [url=""][/url][list=1] [*]Open it and use it to uninstall Ad-Aware using the 'Advanced' Uninstall Mode. [*]In Step 4 of the uninstall make sure to click the 'Select All' button and then the 'Delete' button when prompted and then click Next [*]When Revo is finished, reboot your computer [/list] This should hopefully resolve the issue.
  4. Hi gkovacs, Please run the file below while in safe mode. I have sent you this attachment as a text file. Therefore, you will need to save the file and change the extension to ‘’ .zip’’ in order for the file to de-zip correctly. If you do not see the folder extensions, please open the start menu (Located at the bottom left corner of your screen), then click on ‘’Control Panel’’. Once in the control panel, click on ‘’Folder options’’. When the folder options are open, click on ‘’View’’ and then uncheck the ‘’Hide extension for known file types’’. Then, click on ‘’Apply’’ and ‘’ok’’ and you may exit the window. Once you see the file extensions, please change the extension from ‘’ .txt ’’ to ‘’ .zip’’. Only then, you will be able to run the software in order to uninstall Ad-Aware 10. You can un-install the program, by going to: Start -> Programs -> Lavasoft -> Ad-Aware -> and click on Uninstall Ad-Aware This should resolve the issue and have Ad-Aware 10 uninstalled. Sincerely, Sharon - Lavasoft support Edit: [b]Note[/b] that this file should only be used by persons that cannot start Windows in Normal mode and need to uninstall Ad-Aware in Safe mode.
  5. Dear therealtatata, Thank you for your patience. This is an issue which I have flagged to my team and they are currently working on it. This issue should be resolved in our future Ad-Aware10 updates and releases. Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience this might have caused you. Sincerely, Sharon - Lavasoft Support
  6. Dear therealtatata, You should be able to highlight the files that you want to restore and hit the restore button at the bottom of the screen. Please let me know if you have tried that and the result. Thank you, Sharon
  7. Dear therealtatata, Thank you for your post. I will verify this information and get back to you shortly. Thank you, Sharon
  8. [quote name='Manov' timestamp='1334639682' post='134773'] Thanks for your information. [/quote] It is my pleasure. Have a wonderful day
  9. LS Sharon


    Hi Cecilia, that is correct. The anti-virus may be what is causing the BSOD. In our next update on the week of Apr-23 should fix this issue.
  10. Hi patrickhahl, thank you for your post. A major update will be released the week of April 23rd which should solve any issue you might have experienced with the blue screen. Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience this might have caused you. Sincerely, Sharon - Lavasoft Support
  11. Hi rightside, Please verify your Personal messages. Sincerely, Sharon - Lavasoft Support
  12. Hi Assignor, Thank you for your post. Total Security and Ad-Aware Pro have always been two different software’s. With Ad-Aware 10, we have simply re-made Ad-Aware Pro better and enhanced all of it’s features. We will not be dropping Total Security as it is a very solid and good software. As well, Total Security would be the best software for you as it offers many options that are not offered with the Ad-Aware10 software. Please let me know if I have answered all of your questions. Sincerely, Sharon
  13. Hi Insomniacc, Thank you for your post. Please check your personal messages. I have sent you the contact information for TrialPay users. Sincerely, Sharon
  14. Hi rcsron, You have asked for us to contact you on Tuesday at 10am your time. That is in an hour and a half our time.
  15. hi rcsron, Have you received the email from our lavasoft expert?