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  1. [quote name='CeciliaB' post='128758' date='Aug 8 2011, 02:33 PM']Hi burris, The free version of Ad-Aware is updated automatically twice a week.[/quote] Thanks..
  2. [quote name='LS Jeffery' post='128744' date='Aug 8 2011, 07:50 AM']Hello Burris The tray icon disappears during the update when Ad-Aware needs to restart, which is almost always required during an update. So, you are correct, you do not have active protection for that that. Which is why you should perform the occasional scan to make certain nothing has slipped by. Grey icon indicates that Ad-Aware is still not "fully" operational, as some of the components are still being started. When the icon tuns back to it's normal look, every component is started and running. Regards, Jeff - Lavasoft[/quote] Hi, Jeff.... Thanks for the explanation...can you also comment on my other question regarding the frequency of the auto update in the free version? burris
  3. When set to auto update, what is the typical time between updates? I try a number of times a day and have never failed to have new files downloaded.. I notice that when the update process is in motion, the icon disappears from the systray. Does this mean there is no protection during the update period? When the icon does re-appear in the tray, it is completely gray in color, however it shortly begins to show the red on the lower right. Does this mean there is another update lurking? Thanks..