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  1. Wil Adware 10 antivirus interfer or conflict with my installed Avira antivirus?
  2. After 2 years I just reinstalled an old pc game Hidden and Dangerous 2, its add-on Sabre Squadron and a patch. Ad-Watch flagged all three hd2.exe files as being infected with FraudTool.Win32.MS Removal Tool. This can't be true because I've installed and uninstalled this game at least dozen times over the years and have never before seen this alert. I've configured Ad-Watch to allow but it still flags the exe files even after uninstalling and reinstalling. I've run the exe files through Malwarebytes, Superantispyware, AdAware, Avira and Spybot and none of them detect FraudTool.Win32.MS Removal Tool. Ad-Watch is the only one to give this alert. I am attaching the scan log and copies of exe files from quarantine.