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  1. I'm having the same definitions file update problem, I tried to delete the files in the plugins folder as described in the first post. I wasn't able to delete any of the files at all. I get this error message for every single file in the plugins folder: What do I do now?
  2. Thanks CeciliaB for answering all of my questions. I found the profile scan options no problem. I will check the update settings. This message board is a great service. Helped a lot.
  3. I am using Ad-Aware Free version 9.5.1 This morning a scan found FraudTool.Win32.AVSoft(v). The file was quarantined and I later chose to remove it. I'd like to know how to scan external drives with Ad-Aware to make sure my external hard drives weren't affected. I remember seeing the option to do so before but can't find it now. In addition, when shutting the system down to finalize the scan, Windows had a message that it would be installing updates files on shutdown. I am still using Windows XP. There were about 8-9 update files. The regular shut down screen reflected as each file was updated by saying for example "File 3 of 9." Is this a normal Windows Update or did it have to do with the infection? I've only seen Windows update files on shutdown once before. About one month ago. Have scanned the computer many times in between with nothing unusual in the scan results. What does the FraudTool.Win32.AVSoft(v) do? Thanks.