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  1. [quote name='LS Andy' timestamp='1328793802' post='133111'] Hi, To clarify, Ad-Aware 10 will detect files are they are written to disk before they can be executed. Andy Lavasoft Malware Labs [/quote] Hi, 1- What engines does Ad-Aware Free v.10 use ? ( I need definite answers for this question please) 2- When exactly is the Final Ad-Aware Free v. 10 going to be released \ available for download on the main website ? Best Regards,
  2. [quote name='CeciliaB' timestamp='1328724216' post='133085'] Hi sophos, Note that Ad-Aware version 10 is not released yet. The version circulating on internet is not the version to be released, see [url=""]http://www.lavasofts...0-almost-ready/[/url] . I am beta-testing Ad-Aware 10, but that is the Pro version and my answers might be incorrect. 1. Lavasofts own and VIPRE. 2. See [url=""]http://www.lavasofts...of-ad-aware-10/[/url] 3. Yes [/quote] Hello , When reviewing the new features in Ad-Aware Free V.10, I noticed that it only offers : (Real-time [b][u]process[/u][/b] protection- Real-time [b][u]Registry[/u][/b] Protection- Real-time [b][u]network[/u][/b] protection) There's [b]NO [/b]Real-Time [b]File[/b] Protection! I think there are better alternatives ; like Avast! Free Antivirus! Best Regards, Bayan
  3. Good evening, I've a few questions about the new version of Ad-Aware Free v10 : (Questions are about the FREE version ONLY): ==================================================== 1- What engines does Ad-Aware Free V10 use ? 2- What are the new features in this version ? 3- Is the real-time file protection feature available in Ad-Aware Free V10 ? (Not Processes!) ===================================================== Best Regards, Bayan
  4. Good Morning, In fact, I would like to ask some questions about Ad-Aware 9.0 , =================================================== [b]1- Does -Ad-Aware Free- scan the registry for spyware & other threats? [/b] [b]2- If Ad-Aware Pro detects an infected object, what options does it offer?[/b] [b]3- Does it offer All of these options [Rename- Delete- Quarantine- Disinfect]? [/b] [b]4- Does Ad-Aware Free or Ad-Aware Pro use the cloud technology to protect against zero-day threats? [/b] =================================================== Awaiting your response impatiently! Bayan
  5. [quote name='LS Andy' post='129820' date='Oct 6 2011, 12:33 PM']Hello sophos, I guess the "who has the greatest number of signatures?" game ended years ago with the advent of heuristics, behavioural blocking, fuzzy hashing and so on, when one rule could block countless malware samples. If you want to know how many rules we have in place it won't actually tell you anything about how many files we detect, so could you clarify what you are really asking? Thanks! Andy Lavasoft Malware Labs[/quote] Hello sir, first , I 'm sorry for my late response. Thank you for enriching us with this useful piece of information. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- I really wanted to know the number of malware signatures in order to convince people of the efficiency of your product. I'm talking about the members of the Arab security forum I'm registered to. I thought that if I could get a rough idea concerning the number of malware signatures in Lavasoft's Antimalware database, it would be helpful since they DO care about such things. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Avast! Antivirus ,for example, clearly mentions the number of malware signatures after each update, & it also mentions that "the actual number of files that Avast! can detect is much higher since a single definition can identify tens or even thousands of unique malware samples". I was looking for such information from you, sir. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks again, Sophos
  6. @ CeciliaB oh thank you very much,sir ! You're such a nice person .
  7. Good evening,, In fact, I've a suggestion to make about Ad-Aware ;; ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ** I noticed that many antivirus companies offer a free portable malware removal tool to clean infected systems from ALL Kinds of threats; not just specific types. So is there any chance to make such a tool (based on your antivirus database)? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [u]In fact, the "free portable malware removing utility" which i suggested would benefit your respected company in many ways :[/u] [u][b]1st:[/b][/u] users can use it to scan & clean their systems, & that will convince them of the efficiency of your product without them having to uninstall their current antivirus ,which is really bothering for a lot of users. They'll be amazed when it detects threats that their antivirus couldn't, & that will encourage them to buy your product . [u][b]2nd:[/b][/u] sometimes, malware can prevent users from installing antivirus programs, & i think you're aware of this fact, & in this case, there's no option but to try to remove the malware first (before installing antivirus). In this case, your utility will come in handy . [u][b]3rd:[/b][/u] I'm a registered user @ many Arabic security forums,& to tell you the truth, i've never seen a single thread about any of your products. Many threads about Comodo, Avira, AVG, Avast!, but none about Ad-Aware! Providing such a tool " for free " will not only grant your company some fame in the Arab world but will also encourage users to test and use your products,and ,i think, this's really something important for your company. [u][b]4th: [/b][/u]Let me tell you briefly what happened with me once. - I'd a bothersome trojan in my PC which wouldn't allow me to turn my PC off the usual way. It'd hang on the "Windows is shutting down" screen. - I couldn't install any Antivirus except Malwarebytes Anti-malware, & it found nothing. - Later, I saw the advertisement about the new " Free Escan Antivirus & spyware toolkit utility", and it did a great job as it could detect this trojan & many other pests ,& it removed them from my PC. - Later, i decided to buy ESCAN Antivirus, & till now, no virus has been able to intrude my PC. That's why I'm encouraging you to offer a free portable malware cleaning utility. I hope you'll take my suggestion into consideration. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Awaiting your thoughts about this!
  8. Thank you very much for your quick response ,, I wonder why they tagged the feature "comprehensive malware protection" as "[u][b]new[/b][/u]" since the previous version already has this combination (anti-virus & antispyware & antimalware in one program) !! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- One last question please :: How many signatures are there in Lavasoft's Antimalware engine? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Awaiting your response impatiently!!
  9. [quote name='CeciliaB' post='129745' date='Oct 3 2011, 11:33 AM']I did some searches first and found the following: If you are referring to the web page [url=""][/url] that were not changed when 9.5 version was introduced. The meaning of the phrase is visible when you click on the "i" in the right-most column. Ad-Watch function of blocking files is found in the explanation of the phrase "Expert real-time protection". The improvements in 9.5 are described on [url=""][/url][/quote] hello, sir! thanks again for the follow-up! i've already read the small description of the new feature ; but it was a little bit confusing! they did not state whether the detection of malware is in real-time (with file on-access scanner available for free users) or not! they simply say "the detection of viruses, malware etc"... -------------------------------------------------------------------- you also have not answered my question clearly;sir! why is the [u][b]"file" protection[/b][/u] in Ad-Aware free off since the new feature "comprehensive malware protection" is available in this free version? --------------------------------------------------------------------- i also have one inquiry concerning the engines used in Ad-Aware Free;; in the comparison chart , there was no mentioning of different engines for different versions (free vs total security); the main difference between the free version & the total security version is the firewall & the online protection features, but nothing about different engines. can you please confirm what engines are used in the free version 9.5.1? (after contacting your acquaintances in the support center) ---------------------------------------------------------------------- thank you again!
  10. before i forget ,, I also have 1 question left :: How many malware signatures are there in Lavasoft's engine's database?
  11. [quote name='CeciliaB' post='129737' date='Oct 2 2011, 10:15 PM']Hi sophos, Ad-Aware Total Security uses Avast + Bitdefender + Lavasoft's anti-malware engine. Ad-Aware Free and Pro uses Vipre + Lavasoft's anti-malware engine. I don't know what Lavasoft mean with the phrase but I will ask my contact person at Lavasoft tomorrow.[/quote] Thank you very much for your quick reply :-) Awaiting your answer to the 1st question impatiently!!
  12. Good evening everybody; I just noticed that a new feature has been added to the new version of Ad-Aware 9.5.1; which is the "comprehensive malware protection".. when i asked /2/ experts through the live chat @ the support center about this new feature and what's meant by it, they replied that Ad-Aware Free now [b][u]should protect against malicious files[/u][/b] ; not just processes. if that is true , then the "file" protection feature in the Ad-watch live should be "ON", [b][u]but it is NOT!![/u][/b] i need a specific answer now to this :: what exactly is meant by the "comprehensive malware protection" feature in the Free version? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I also have another question regarding the engines used in Ad-Aware Free: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What engines are used in the latest Free version /9.5.1/? Are they "Avast + Bitdefender + Lavasoft's antispyware engine? & is the "Vipre antivirus" engine included as the CNET review says? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------