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  1. Now I understand what is "Context menu". That is all because Ad-Aware blocks access to, the best source here to learn languages, and I can't translate, but that is not it. No, I have not been using security apps at all for 10 years and have never met viruses. The only way they come to me is through USB devices. OK, one more attempt to explain the issue: when you open a folder with files - you have to wait before all the files will be scanned by Real-Time Protection. Ad-Aware does not remember the files which have been already scanned and it takes longs minutes to wait every time I open the same folder or the same big executable file. (Do you have it?)
  2. Missed it! Most likely, "Context menu" scanning slows all down. By default, all the settings has normal priority, and I left it so. Will it check only files that try to run by turning "Context menu" to "Idle"? It is a nightmare when it checks files in an opened Explorer's window.
  3. cmrn


    Yes, but I mean whether it has a technology to be run on infected PCs like Malwarebytes (Chameleon) has, something what is able to bypass virus blocking.
  4. I want to join this thread. It makes my PC lag. I'm sure the developers are already on their way to correct that. The reason why it slows down a PC is because it doesn't remember already scanned clean programs. (Or it does?) Now Ad-Aware is the only virus on my computer.
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    To not to create a new topic: can Ad-Aware be installed through the installer and be run on already infected PCs? This is the most important thing about security apps
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    Hello, could someone please explain me - does Ad-Aware Pro's firewall protect from [u]attacks?[/u] There is an Intrusion protection system, but what is covered by this? To be simple, I want to know - will this firewall block attempts of somebody to establish a connection with my PC, remote desktop and so on? Please expain how it works in comparison with others, or should I use another one for this purpose? Thanks.
  7. [quote name='LS Andy' timestamp='1329475929' post='133249'] Ad-Aware 10 hasn't been released to the public yet, but those of you who have access to the Beta, let us know what improvements you would make. If you have a idea for a new feature, something you'd like to see in the GUI or any other suggestions you have to make Ad-Aware 10 better, post them here. Be as detailed as you like! Andy Lavasoft Malware Lab [/quote] 1) The previous GUI was much better not only for it's small screen, it was just more attractive and simple. In the new version you tried to draw all the features on the one window and got a huge screen. 2) It was a really nice feature when the program was blocking malicious processes that just TRIE to start. The real-time file protection slows down a PC. I open an explorer and get obliged to wait untill hundred huge files will be scanned and then appeared - please turn it back. At length, there is no reason to change something in the program except, of course, improving it's power to recognize malware! Thank you for attention...
  8. Sorry, but I can't understand - will 9.6 be with actual threat-detection base or it will be not so effective like the newest version?
  9. It requires very high resolution, how do others use it? OK, thanks for the insertion, if they don't change the size, I'm losing a good security application.
  10. Will the main window be adapted to 800x600 screens? It's out of my monitor and cannot be resized. Thanks
  11. Local drive -> Windows -> Tasks There is "Ad-Aware Update (Weekly)" in this folder It self-updates weekly but you can do it manually many times a day
  12. Updates are available now
  13. 0150.0606 0150.0603 Differents versions on 2 computers
  14. Did you mean main Ad-Aware window? You can close it. Ad-Watch protection is active when there is the icon in system tray. To ensure that protection is running, open Task Manager and find there "AAWService.exe" and "AAWTray.exe".