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  1. Blade81,'s gone! I ran a Smart Scan and there is now nothing showing. I'll keep an eye out for anything suspicious. I'll maybe run a full scan in a day or two to be sure. Thanks for giving up such a large portion of your weekend to fix my machine! I really do appreciate your time and help. Best wishes
  2. Hi, I'll just run a quick scan and see if anything crops up. Will let you know. Fingers crossed...
  3. Hi, Updated using your instructions and re ran ComboFix. All ran fine without any issues. Many thanks
  4. Hi, Please find logs as requested. The pc restarted during ComboFix. Just so you know, on boot up the pc entered boot cleansing mode briefly as it did after the Ad-Aware Krptik removal attempt. It tried to delete the propsysu.dll in the filepath as described above. I don't know at the time of writing this whether or not it was successful. Many thanks
  5. Hi, The Ad-Aware report shows it is here: Description: [b]c:\users\benjy\appdata\roaming\propsysu.dll[/b] Family Name: Trojan.Win32.Kryptik.laq (v) Engine: 3 Clean status: Reboot required Item ID: 1 Family ID: 0 MD5: D8B78831F57A761F7D80D80611EB8FC I can post the full report if you need it. Thanks again
  6. Hi, Bad news I'm afraid- I spoke too soon. Ran an Ad-Aware scan and the Kryptik trojan is still there. I carried out the recommended action and restarted the system. On restart the pc entered into boot cleansing briefly. I then reran Ad-Aware to see if it had been removed, but unfortunately it remains present. It seemed to find it whilst scanning the AppData/Roaming folder? So frustrating! Please let me know if there is anything else I can do to remove this nuisance! Cheers
  7. Morning Blade81! I actioned the measures you suggested and ran the online scan overnight. The scan report said there were no infected files/ programs. I've attached a JPEG of the report screen as there was no output as such. The PC is certainly seems to be running much better now. I'll run another scan to verify all is clear now; similarly if you spot anything in this latest DDS report, please let me know what I need to do to correct it. Really appreciate all of your assistance with this! Best wishes.
  8. Hi again Blade81, ComboFix has now done it's thing. It did involve a restart, and this is documented in the log file. Attached are the reports you request. Cheers!
  9. Hello Blade81, OK, I've run GMER as requested. Please see report attached. Many thanks
  10. Hello, Many thanks for the quick response. Please find attached reports as requested. Thanks again.
  11. Hello, I, like others on this forum, have been infected with the above trojan and I can't for the life of me get rid of it. I've run the OTL scan as the forum requests but it only outputs the OTL.Txt file; there is no Extras file as I would expect. I had a scan through the output, and even my inexperienced eyes can see entries that should definitely not be there! I've attached the OTL file in the hope some kind soul can help. Thank you in anticipation.