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  1. [quote name='LS Andy' timestamp='1321540187' post='130586'] Regarding manual def file updates, we no longer provide updates from the website and will remove the links from the blog. Thank you for flagging this![/quote] Thank you very much, this was the answer I was waiting for. Now everything is clear. Kind regards.
  2. Oh, come on - I'm not another stupid user who can't even do such a simple thing as importing a new definition file. The problem is with the file itself. I'll write it once again: during last two weeks there were none new definition file available for download. Take a look at compilation date of the current one - it's 2011-11-03 and it's size is 155014136 bytes. No matter how and what you try, Ad-Aware will always report it as version 149.0921, while the current version is 149.0935. I just want to know when the new file will be available for download, if ever.
  3. I'm a free version user. Just wanted to ask what happened to manually downloadable definitions at [url="http://www.lavasoft.com/mylavasoft/securitycenter/blog/375"]this blog[/url]? These files are all outdated - all are from 03.11.2011 despite there were three or four new versions released during last two weeks. I'm using version 8.2 on my old laptop which is never (and never will be for some reasons) connected to the internet. I was using this blog to manually download definitions and then install it on the laptop. Right now I can't do it anymore. Is this the end for manual updates and I need to search for a new antispyware program?