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  1. Windows installed an update to Win 10. It displayed a message the Ad-Aware update was removed due to incompatabilities and it had started Defender instead. Tried to install a new version of Ad-Aware 11 (had to remove the old one completely). The installer failed. Any ideas?
  2. When will Ad-aware 11 be compatible with WIN 10. MS has sent out messages to start upgrading automatically.
  3. Fixlog.txt Hi, Attached is the log. All seems stable at this point. I want to express my appreciation for the great help!!!
  4. Hi, attached is the log from eset. Ran scan only found some adware cookies and they were deleted. Still being hijacked although behavior as changed. The "Ad by Meteoroid" popup is not appearing all the time and when it does it is quick. However, IE is still opening nefarious maint advert tabs with a popup error forcing me to kill the IE process to get out. eset.txt
  5. The Files are attached running full scan takes a few hours. Will provide the link Again thanks so much. AdwCleanerS0.txt FRST.txt Addition.txt
  6. BTW the C:\Meteoriods folder is empty. The one in Appdata\local has one data2.dat ile
  7. Report is below (could not paste for some reason so it is attached). My wife (who is from China) was installing QQ a popular email client from China. It was either infect or otherwise (China go figure ) report.txt.txt
  8. Attached are the two files. BTW, I have also reset IE and there is nothing in the Add-ons. Thanks much, BIll FRST.txt Addition.txt
  9. I have not been able to remove Meteroids from executing under IE. I have uninstalled, deleted file, searched the registry, and followed several suggestions found on the WEB. It still comes up and hi-jacks my brower. Ad-aware did find the app and quarantined them ... I deleted them from the quarantine ... no luck. I am running WIN 8. Can some help me please
  10. Scheduled Scan using Total Security version does not provide the ability for a default action for Spyware/Adware items found. Pro version did. I there a way to specify? I want the default to be delete.
  11. Total Security does no all automatic action for Spyware when running a scheduled scan Pro version did. Anyone know of a way. I want to auto-delete.