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  1. Well, I have been crazy busy and have not had much time to work on the PC. But, I have not got AVG off it yet. I just found this text file it made after attempting to remove AVG a couple times last week and again this morning. I am starting to think if I get time in a couple weeks (after Christmas), it may be time for me to make sure all my data is totally backed up and I may consider re-installing everything from scratch on the PC. I truly appreciate all your very valuable help Blade81. You have helped me (and my wife) out so much since she is probably on this more during the day than I am in the mornings and evenings. Jeremy
  2. Things seem to be going really smooth on the system. Only problem I have really had is not virus related. Just a probably with other software. Primarily two: AVG and iTunes. Early in our posts I had mentioned trying to uninstall AVG but something must have messed up and it will not let me uninstall. And I cannot re install it either hoping it would correct any problem. I can live with it for now, just kinda annoying. And also, for at least a year or more when I update iTunes, occasionally I am not able to update to the latest version. I am on, latest version is 10.5.1 according to Secunia PSI. All seems to be working ok, but I know there are those little fixes in the background that I usually want it to update/correct just for safety. Other than that, PC is running great. Thanks, J
  3. My PC seems to be running great now. Prior to all of this, I was using the AVG software and SpywareBlaster. And apparently we see what happened. Currently those are still on as well as Ad-Aware. Do you think I should go ahead and leave all three or remove AVG? Or is there any other protection that I should use instead? You have helped so much Blade81 and truly appreciate and trust your advice. Thank you!!! J
  4. Deleted uTorrent folder Removed old flash from your link Added new flash from your link Removed all old JAVA Installed the newest JRE Ran ESET. It did find 2 things, file attached. Reran dds, files attached. Thank you, J
  5. Ok, a few notes on somethings that happened prior to ComboFix ran in case it helps. I tried to find an uninstall option for uTorrent. But I could not find it anywhere. I tried the control panel where I normally look first and it does not show uTorrent installed there. I have sometimes had more success going to CCleaner uninstall option and nothing there either. I am guessing since the version I have is probably much older than a current version maybe it got messed up long ago. So, uTorrent is still on at the moment. Also, AVG would only let me disable it for 15 min. So, I thought I would just uninstall it. And it gave me some errors and would not uninstall. Go figure. So I left AVG on and disabled it for the 15 min, but as I started ComboFix and let it run it only had a minute or so left on AVG before it would be "active" again so I clicked on extend time in AVG to give it more time to not be active. I am sure that may skew something but just wanted to let you know. And finally, I actually started ComboFix once, then I got the blue screen of death from microsoft. Had to reboot the pc, then ran ComboFix again (with the AVG extend time mentioned above.) So, finally, here is the file the ComboFix made after the 2nd attempt that did complete. Along with new dds and attach files. Thank you for your help! J
  6. Thank you so much for your help. I disabled AVG and disabled Ad-Aware, then ran the DDS. Here are the two files. Thank you again, J
  7. Hello, Had family over for the holiday weekend and someone opened a link/file that caused a trojan to infect my PC. Before finding this site I tried to run my AVG. It cleaned some. But apparently not all. I also tried going back about a week to a system restore point. Still nothing. I downloaded and ran the latest version of Ad-Aware. Then did the OTL steps. Here are the files it created. Ad-Aware said I should restart my system but I did not do that yet. If I should do that first then run the OTL again I would be happy to do so. Just trying to go in the order of the post[size=4] "Read This Before You Post!" first.[/size] Thanks for any help, J