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  1. I’m running the free 9.6 version of Ad-Aware. Beginning about 12/21/11, I noticed that for several days in a row when I clicked the “Web Update” button, it would simply say “Software Up To Date” – which it had NEVER done before. On 12/26/11 I uninstalled all of Ad-Aware with “Revo Uninstaller” set to the highest level. I then rebooted and re-installed the 9.6 version of the free Ad-Aware. And every day since then when I’ve hit the “Web Update” button, it still says “Software Up To Date”. I have a hard time believing that for ten (10) days in a row there have been NO updates, since that has never happened before. I’ve noticed there are several other posts concerning this, but I’ve seen no solution to what appears to be a Lavasoft-based issue.