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  1. I was just able to successfully update my files! Thanks to all for the help!
  2. Yesterday I downloaded and installed the free 9.6 version. When trying to update the signature files, several small files got updated very quickly (I have a 20Mbps cable connection), but then a larger file (about 75MB) slows to a crawl and ultimately crashes before getting halfway completed. After trying several times to download this file, I have been unable to complete the update. I should add, when I originally tried downloading the Ver 9.6 software from Lavasoft, the download was incredibly slow. I ended up cancelling and downloading from one of the alternate download sites - I think I got it from Download.com. The software appears to be working OK otherwise.
  3. I am having exactly the same problem. The first several files of the update loaded very quickly, but a large file then slowed to a crawl and finally ended with a crash. I have a pretty fast cable Internet connection.