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  1. Hi Blade81, All actions followed through succesfully. I was only 1 version out on java, otherwise all software was up to date. I have learned of some useful tools, had good advice and got my laptop sorted. Really helpful. Many, many thanks. Cheers Derek
  2. Hi Blade81, Thanks again for the advice. This certainly seems to have cleared up the issue. I have attached the new OTL & EST log files. I'll delete the cnet install files which the scanner keeps thinking may be Win32 variants. I presume deleting the OTL directory will remove the last trace of the relevant Knowledge!? Would you recommend anything else? I'll probably use the EST scanner every now and again in future just to check everything is clear? Kind regards Derek
  3. Thanks Blade81. I have uninstalled the program and have attached the next OTL scan. What next? Cheers Derek
  4. Thanks for the advice Blade81. I ran OTL twice as the first time it hung, then appeared to restart the next time I logged on. I have attached the 2 log files it produced. I then ran the EST scanner and have attached the log file. I'd be very happy about uninstalling '1-click' as I only loaded that to try and remove relevant knowledge. I'm keen on keeping the 'prey' program but the log suggests the installer may be a problem so really happy about getting rid of all of those. I work in ICT but all this is far beyond my skill set so will be following your advice. Thanks again. Derek
  5. Hi I am using Windows 7 and before this infection I used AVG with Adaware,Zone Alarm, Hijack This and Spybot for security (all are up to date). I believe relevant Knowledge was installed by a utility I downloaded from download.com to convert mp3 files (for my son so he could listen to Queens of the Stone Age on his DS). Wherever it came from, I did not install it intentionally. When I noticed it, I uninstalled it via control panel. I thought that had got rid of it, but AdAware keeps finding it on scans, then suggests it will remove it, but it never does. I have run Hijack this a few times and it also finds relevant Knowledge, but when you select 'fix checked' to remove it, it appears to go but keeps reappering. I have tried downloading various other programs to try and remove it but none have helped. This includes 'Avast free anti virus' and '1-ClickPCfix' - but avast keeps blocking 1-Click and describing it as an infection. I will be removing both programs when this is sorted. I have looked at other posts on RelevantKnowledge here but none appeared to have a solution. My laptop appears much slower since the arrival of relevantknowledge. Can anyone help me to remove it please? Thanks in advance. Derek I have attached the OTL generated files and the Hijack This log: [attachment=9153:Extras.Txt] [attachment=9154:OTL.Txt] [attachment=9155:hijackthis.log]