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  1. Cecilia The url you provided re false positives did not address the issue of "false" removal of perfectly good emails from reliable sources - e.g. Staples, Money Saving Expert etc. when using the Email Protection facility. I'm pretty sure that my email protection is in aggressive mode depite my selecting permissive.
  2. The latest update seemed to correct the inability to select between aggressive and permissive for email protection - and I rest mine to permissive. However, the protection is still removing emails which have no spam content - including email from Lavasoft/ Staples etc. Now I am having to shut off Email Protection altogether!
  3. Is anyone else having problems with Email Protection in updated AdAware 11? Mine seems to be permanently set at "Aggressive" and even rejects emails from Lavasoft!! Could developers consider an email quarantine file to that users can see what emails are being rejected and restore those which are from known sources?
  4. Cecilia - I'm not sure that your contact is correct - in an email response from Tech Support I was advised that they were aware of this problem and advised me to turn off email protection! It was even rejecting Lavasoft emails
  5. In the latest Lavasoft Adaware release, it IS NOT possible to change the setting of the email protection from Agressive to whatever. It is automatically set at Aggressive (a recent email from Lavasoft was rejected!!!!!!!!). Lavasoft tech support have asked me to turn off Email protection until they resolve the problem.
  6. I would like to be able to change the email protection level - the current version gives 3 levels (aggressive, Normal and Permissive) in a drop down menu BUT there is not change when I try to change this level. The program appears to remain at the Aggressive level.
  7. Cecilia Slightly different question. I have email protection activated on my AdAware Pro installation and it now and again blocks an email. Is there any way of finding out the content of the blocked email the author of which is known and trusted - or has it gone forever? Regards G
  8. Hi Cecilia I was advised to use Revo Uninstaller or similar (Forced uninstall) by Lavasoft customer support!
  9. I have successfully installed AdAware 11.1 on a Win 8.1 platform but you HAVE to uninstall your previous version (using Revo or alternative to remove all traces of the previous installation) - then reboot and then reinstall the trial version of AdAware Pro and finally insert your activation code for your original licence - Phew!! What a palaver!!
  10. Well, well, well!! After all the wait, AdAware update 11.1.5152 was issued yesterday. After installing it and rebooting, there was absolutely no change - the Web,Email and Network Protection functions still would not activate. I also suspect that the scheduled scan function does not work either. What now, Lavasoft?
  11. I have just heard direct from Lavasoft (be email) that the upgrade to resolve our issues will be available on December 11th (hopefully 2103)
  12. Thanks for this update, Cecilia. How long has it been postponed this time?
  13. Thanks Cecilia - I just found this out by trying to install update but it failed as I apparently already have the latest version
  14. I've just received an email offering me a "Free Update" to AdAware 11 but there is no mention of the update number - to let me know if it's more recent than my current version or if it's an update to rectify the bug? Any ideas how I can find out if it's a newer version or if it's the bug fix version?
  15. Hmmm - no mention of the bug correction in the response from Lavasoft Technical support. Suggested that I uninstall and reinstall latest version - but I already have latest version (11.0.4555.0) installed. Any update on the bug resolution Cecilia?