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  1. If I only knew what you mean? How can I run Scans when the connection with the aawservice can't be kepped connected? Why o why, Lavasoft are you doing this ?
  2. I've also got problems with 2007! It DID work ONE day, but now after 15-20 minutes of deep scanning, a pop-up appears with "connection losted with the aaw service", "disconnect gracefully". what's that about? I DO know that there is a AAW service in de 2007 folder, when starting this a ms-dos screen appears and disappears later, but nothing seems to happen. Ther's also aan update-icon in the folder, this one opens a screen for collection updates(skins etv.) but also does nothing! After hours and hours of re-installing and scleaning the register, AAW2007 does NOT work! I've DELETED it, it's a shame, the 2006 was perfect! Jan van den Eeden - The Netherlands -