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  1. Hello everyone. I'm hoping that one or more of you folks might be able to help me with this problem. Today I decided to run an Adware scan on my PC using Ad-Aware, which has comfortably performed admirably for well over a year with v. 8, and older versions in the past have also worked fine. However, today, it all went to hell in the proverbial handbasket, and I can no longer get it to run. To help you to assist ME, I'll try and recount the events as best as I can. As I loaded it, I was prompted to install the latest version(9.6-something). Figuring that the latest one might be more effective(like with a more comprehensive list of malware to look out for, etc.), I went ahead and downloaded it. However the installation not only failed, but in its failed attempt, it also UNinstalled ver. as well. Now that perhaps is nothing out of the ordinary - I am afterall using Windows Vista(not by choice) and almost nothing at all has ever worked on Vista, perhaps Ad-Aware numbering amongst the rare exceptions! - but what happened next was most unexpected. Confident that ver. would run ok on the machine(since it had been doing, up until that point ofc), I fished out the old installer file and re-installed it. What could go wrong? I thought. Well, it SEEMED as if all had gone well until, during the final stage of installation, as the machine was shutting down, an error popped up to say(you guessed it), "Couldn't load Resource Manager". Now it'd NEVER said this before of course, in all the years I've run one version or another of the software. Indeed, running THIS very version just a few minutes earlier, it has/had never shown me this message. Anyway, the PC restarted, and during startup the message appeared again. And of course, as I went to load it manually, it gave me the error again. Grasping at straws, I tried switching its compatibilty to Windows XP S Pack 2(not that it's ever been necessary before ofc), but that longshot didn't fix it. So I came to this forum, having googled the error message. Now I've found a few threads in which people reported this same error. In some threads, no one was able to help, whilst in others(now Archived), it was alleged that a piece of software called Bitdefender 2009 causes this error. Now I've never heard of Bitdefender 2009 and don't run it on any of my computers, so I don't think that's the cause of the problem. I also don't think it's entirely Vista's fault either, since a) some of the previous posts came from users running XP, and I'm running an Ad-Aware scan on a computer sitting next to this one as I type. THAT machine uses Vista too, and it's running the same ver. of Ad-Aware too. So I'm wondering if any of you can help me. As I say, I don't have Bitdefender on this machine and, apart from a failed installation of Ad-Aware ver. 9.6, there have been NO changes to any software running on the machine during the 10 or so minutes between v.8 running admirably, and it reinstalling and no longer working. Can anyone help? Thanks.