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  1. Hello @festustmoldebones! Try to follow these recommendations
  2. Hello! Please see this Joesandbox report and fix security issues.
  3. Hello! Your file is not detecting by Ad-Aware anymore due to Virustotal report
  4. Hello! You can try to change default search engine and reset browser's settings. Do such actions in Chrome browser Menu->Settings-> Search engine or open an address chrome://settings/search , select Google or another search engine as default. Go to Advanced settings and choose tab "Restore and clean up" and do "Restore settings to their original defaults" If the same Phishing warning will appear again we'll try to find a service that makes changes to Chrome.
  5. Hello @moisey! You have to choose strong password first. After that fill all reqired fields like these: If everything is ok you'll receive such email on your email box: Validate your email and everything might be all right. @CeciliaB Thank you for your advice to move it into General Support.
  6. Hi @CeciliaB! That is strange I didn't post a lot. Can you see my message?
  7. Hello! I can't reproduce this bug, so I can't say something right now for this case. I will notify devs and admins to check again installation process. I suppose the problem is with network.
  8. Hello @Skurcey! I recommend you uninstall existing version of Adaware. Make full uninstall of CCleaner. Reset DNS and DHCP servers configuration to default. Download the latest version of Adaware from site Install it and try to update definitions. Also i wonder what option did you check - install like second line of defence or first one?
  9. Checking logs again... I tried to install from a scratch from 2 different locations - no problems at all. Something is closing connection to update server during application definitions update.
  10. Hello @CeciliaB! I checked drivers. Everything seems OK.
  11. Hello @Skurcey! Please try to do such actions: shut down CCleaner turn OFF Real-time protection in Virus & Threat protection (Windows Defender Security Center) turn OFF Firewall clear ARP cache ( make full reinstall of Adaware 12 Also we can check you system anomalies - download FRST and send us all logs in archive. Thank you!
  12. Hello @Skurcey! Did you get install package from official site? Download installer by link . Please, try to use Removal Tool before new installation. Have you already used it? As i understood by your screen It was a problem with file cevakrnl.xmd - try to download it manually by this link. Need to check if you can download this file. Thanks.
  13. Hello! Do these steps first: Download FRST and save it to your desktop: Disable any script blocker (disabling your antivirus protection should be enough), and then double click FRST file to run the tool. Read the disclaimer and click Yes to accept it. Click Scan button. When done, FRST will create two (2) logs: FRST.txt Addition.txt Attach those reports to your post.
  14. Please take a look on this post . You can find instructions there.
  15. Hello @rskyyy! Do you have still unstalled Web Companion?