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  1. LSArtem

    False Positive for HL7ref_BP.DLL

    Hello! Due to Virustotal report Adaware doesn't detect your file anymore.
  2. Hello @Jack! Glad to help you. Yes it seems was one of the antivirus components. If you have another questions please ask. Many thanks to @CeciliaB
  3. Thank you. It seems your binary file of CCleaner is clean. About CCleaner you can read a note here Actually I don't know how Panda license works but the normal way to AV vendors is to provide user's accounts with licenses or store the key in a system for reinstall purpose. Panda's account might be here Also maybe this information can be useful for you If you have activation code - you can reinstall Panda without problems. Try to install the latest version of Adaware and do a new scan just to be sure that the problem was in AV conflict.
  4. Hello! Adaware's scanner found some suspicious activity in your system memory. The problem is that it couldn't be deleted or terminated because it is a part of some Process that was allowed to run by your system and all antiviruses. It can also be a part of Panda utilities. I can't find any anomalies except too working antivirus services and suspicious CCleaner64. CCleaner was compromised last year. First of all please send us binary file of CCleaner that is located here " C:\Program Files (x86)\CCleaner\CCleaner64.exe". Clean your %Temp% folder (C:\Users\ADMINI~1\AppData\Local\Temp). So please try to uninstall all installed antivirus solutions (leave just license information). Uninstall all Utilities that were installed with Antivirus. Reboot your PC. After that you can try to reinstall AdAware and make a new scan.
  5. Hello @Jack! Please answer a few questions: Can you reproduce this detection alert after every Adaware's Full scan? Do you have PostgreSQL installed? Did you run a full scan by Microsoft antivirus tools with installed Adaware and Panda?
  6. LSArtem

    Cryptocurrency Mining software

    Thanks for logs! Development team will check the logs and will try to fix all issues.
  7. LSArtem

    Cryptocurrency Mining software

    Hello! Please turn on AAW logging in such way: After that run again daily scan and wait for file detection. Change view folder options in windows explorer to show hidden files. Find Adaware log folder. It can be by one of these paths: %All Users%\adaware\adaware antivirus\ %Program Data%\adaware\logs Pack this folder and attach archive to a post please.
  8. LSArtem

    Cryptocurrency Mining software

    Hello! Please try this: 1. Reboot your PC. 2. Turn Off Real Time Protection 3. Download archive with miner. 4. Unpack miner from archive 5. Add a folder path with your unpacked miner to Exclusion list 6. Stop / Start Antivirus 7. Turn On Real Time Protection 8. Run Scan of a folder that was added to Exclusion list
  9. LSArtem

    Cryptocurrency Mining software

    File was added to Exclusion list and we have no detected objects anymore. Do you still have this problem?
  10. LSArtem

    Cryptocurrency Mining software

    We will try to reproduce your situation with detection of this file and we'll let you know the results.
  11. LSArtem

    Cryptocurrency Mining software

    I can suggest you to turn off Antivirus control + Real Time protection options, then add you file to Exclusion list and turn ON again all your protection.
  12. Hello! Please send us the version of AdAware that you use. We can't reproduce the detection of this file. Please update you antivirus definitions.
  13. LSArtem

    Cryptocurrency Mining software

    Hello! Please write what version of AdAware do you use. We checked on the latest and a file in Exclusion list was not detected anymore. Also please clarify on what stage your files were detected - after file download or when you start it?
  14. LSArtem

    Cryptocurrency Mining software

    Hello platitude! I can see that your Claymore's miner was detected as "Application.BitCoinMiner.SI" . It is normal situation for miners. You see a full report on Virustotal most of well known antiviruses detect (37/65) this file. Also you have two infected objects in your "Downloads" folder: "E:\Downloads\Image-Line.FL.Studio.Producer.Edition" - Gen:Variant.Symmi.64984 "E:\Downloads\" - Android Riskware (Android.Monitor.Reaper.A, Android.Riskware.SmsPay.EA, Android.Riskware.SMSSend.gEWPZ)
  15. LSArtem

    Maybe it's a virus for Windows

    Hello, The analysis of the file has been completed: This is a bot program for the LMK game. It is clean.