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  1. [b]buttonbox[/b] i understand your concern. I can say that is not download error. New version of AAW uses new additional malware detecting technics so it can be more slower on old computers. So i can propose you turn additional options off in antivirus and see if your computer start work faster. You can choose between computer speed and safety. Please try this - open your antivirus, click "Home" button, leave "On" mode only for "Antivirus& Antispyware", "Real-Time Protection" , "Safe Browsing". Restart your system and see if it will work faster. If not we can try to find another way.
  2. Hi Tachikoma! Have you uploaded new samples for a couple of months? Can I ask you please to make a little report.
  3. [quote name='buttonbox' timestamp='1337259321' post='135731'] [b]Re:[/b] I ran full scan and my CPU [b]???[/b]was used max for 50% and that is normal My VM system config: [b]Does that mean Virtual Memory? Try not to laugh if it doesn't!![/b] [b]The computer I am getting much to the amusement of my family! has 2tb memory? and intel pentium i7 processor? Its an HP anyway. [/b] [/quote] There is nothing to be funny! So, the first - you can see your minimal computer configuration by right clicking on "[b]My computer[/b]" icon and selecting "[b]Properties[/b]" option. Then you can see General information about your computer. For more detailed info you can use special programs like [b]aida64[/b] or [b]Everest[/b]. You can see my system configuration in the video (2:03). The second, [b]VM[/b] means Virtual Machine. CPU - Central Processor Unit, your Processor.
  4. Hello [b]devstaff[/b], [b]buttonbox[/b]! I've have updated my AAW 9.6 client to by clicking "Update" button on a screen that has been shown in AAW 9.6 client I have no lags at all. I ran full scan and my CPU was used max for 50% and that is normal. Internet is working. Sites are opening. My VM system config: [b]Operating System[/b]: Microsoft Windows XP Professional Service Pack 2 [b]CPU[/b]: Intel Core i5-2500, 3300 MHz [b]System Memory[/b]: 2048 MB You can see this short video that everything works fine. [media][/media] Actually I'll repeat "Full Scan" on Windows 7. I'll make a record of results and share it for you. Of course our devteam is trying to find out what was the reason of your "hell" lags. Please write your system configuration.