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  1. Hello guys! I have stopped using LavaSoft antivirus Free for a very long time. I am now using only one antivirus and I have sticking to it. I want my account deleted from this account. Thank you.
  2. It's going okay at the moment. So far so good
  3. Yeah I do have a friend who has more computer knowledge that can test my hard disk.
  4. Oh yeap while i restart windows and also shutting down windows? Since the last post that I posted till now it doesn't seem to happen anymore. I have read the link, steps, the user guide, and etc you have given me and it made me nervous lol, because I am not a very computer tech expert and I will let windows start from the hard disk rather than booting up from a CD. I thought this will be an easy fix or a solution, but the one you have given me all the steps and etc it made me feel nervous. I also very much appreciate all the advice/help you have given me. Oh I didn't know windows often kills the user interface of Ad-Aware before Action Center is killed, but the core parts of Ad-Aware are turned off later. Many different paid and free antivirus softwares that I used it doesn't act like Ad-Adware. Shouldn't LavaSoft try to come up with a fix or at least an update to a new version to try and fix this minor issue, just saying? Thanks again.
  5. You said this "But I think the reason that Action Center displays a warning about Ad-Aware during a short time period after you log in, is that Ad-Aware hasn't had the time to inform Action Center that it is running before Action Center decides that it isn't running. The core parts of Ad-Aware starts before you log in, so the computer is definitely secure." I said this only happens when my laptop is in the process of restarting it. About the system restore thing. Long story short: My laptop was serviced 4 times couple of times system manufacturer didn't do a good job at repair so i had to send it bk. They even did bother to turn on the system restore feature on. I opened up the device manager, is it the disk drives, i click on that and it shows me Hitachi HTS545050B9A300. Can you provide me a direct download link of the link that you gave me, coz the link is like confusing to me. Will be very appreciated to give me more me explanation. My laptop is ASUS I went to ASUS support page couldn't find any of the info that you told me about. I can only find in there is self- support and couldn't find the exact problem on my laptop. I did find this [url=""]http://www.softpedia...agnostics.shtml[/url] i did install it but can't find a way to post logs and other infos. I can only send the report that this tool detected to ASUS. Storage devices that this tool detected is this Hitachi HTS545050B9A300. Also ASUS PC Diagnostics Tool didn't report any errors on disk drives and in other components. This problem doesn't happen to MSE or other antivirus it only happens to Ad-Aware Antivirus+ By the way here are the logs that you requested. My Ad-Aware Antivirus+ was turned on during the DDS test as you requested. [b]UPDATE:[/b] Just now I did a system restart, that message from Windows Action Center didn't come up!
  6. Yes i turned off my Ad-Aware before runnning DDS. Shall I post the another log that came up together with the DDS.txt
  7. In the process of the laptop restarting at the bottom right hand corner windows action center reports this "Turn on Ad-Aware Free" after that it goes off? I don't understand. I did a quick and full system scan with Ad-Aware and MalwareBytes' Antimalware Free Edition both of them came clean. This issue happens most of the time. The Windows Defender built-in is turned off. I also uninstalled and reinstalled Ad-Aware Free Antivirus+ same thing happens? I don't have any other free firewall programs only the windows Firewall and I don't have anyother free antimalware/antivirus installed. Only Ad-Aware Free Antivirus+ and MalwareBytes Antimalware (Free Edition). FYI: I also reported this issue within Ad-Aware Free Antivirus+ i.e. open up ad-aware, click on info, and click on feedback. I also clicked at send log files. I hope this will help too! Windows OS specs are as follows: Windows 7 (SP1) - 64bit with all the latest patches and updates installed from Microsoft Update. Any advice/suggestions? DDS logs are attached? The another log named Attach it said not to post unless specifically instructed
  8. To Lavasoft teams, In the next upcoming version of Ad-Aware Free Antivirus+ I really like to see one improvement in updating malware definitions! Such as how Avast uses i.e. cloud based and reputation based and Norton uses pulse updates. Would be really appreciated if Ad-Aware Free/personal/pro implement something similar to this. Also would be also appreciated in the next upcoming version of Ad-Aware Free Antivirus+ if the identity protection feature doesn't get installed outside USA for e.g. the installer allows users to submit which country are they in and installing Ad-Aware products like Australia, New Zealand, and etc so the identity protection feature doesn't get installed. Also add support for Apple Safari web browser for Windows to the Ad-Aware Security Toolbar. P.S.: I have been filling up these sorts of comments and suggestion by filling it up via the Ad-Aware Free Antivirus+ programme. 1st open up Ad-Aware Free Antivirus+, click the info tab, and click Feedback.
  9. By the way! Is this version of Ad-Aware 10.2 compatible with windows 8? One of the free antivirus software that I know of is Avast and it's compatible with Windows 8 Release Preview? Am just saying this
  10. Oh that explains a lot? English is my 2nd language sometimes internet put words in a different way in which I don't get it sometimes. Thanks again
  11. 1) Congratulations to Ad-Aware 10.2 2) In [url=";1"]http://download.cnet...tml?tag=mncol;1[/url] It says this "Removal of the default 30-day trial in the free version of the product". But in your website [url=""]http://www.lavasofts...e-102-released/[/url] it says this "Installation file installs the Ad-Aware 10.2 Free Antivirus+ 30-day Trial instead of Ad-Aware 10 Pro Security 30-day Trial" Can I have a clarification because I am confused about the two links that I quoted both of them saying different statements. Thanks.
  12. Oh really! That's awesome. At least we get to see how is the PRO like lol
  13. Hello! Just installed Ad-Aware in my laptop? One problem that I don't get is this? Before downloading I clicked on Free Antivirus +, but when it got installed. It shows Ad-Aware Pro. I am so so so confused. I clicked on Free but it got me Pro? What's up????
  14. [quote name='CeciliaB' timestamp='1328697296' post='133069'] Hi kiwi4life, Since version 10 has not been released, it is hard to know exactly but by reading [url=""]http://www.lavasoft....adaware-free-10[/url] the free version seems to have similar functions as other free antivirus programs. Personally I have never used Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE), but Ad-Aware usually gets better results in tests than MSE. [/quote] Do you know when Ad-Aware 10 will be released?