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  1. Steve, I'm not very pleased of Lavasoft !! First : Lavasoft lost my identity (customer since 2002), so i was obliged to purchase V2007 without any "refund" !! Secondly i put a question concerning "languages" and i get two answers next the question !! Where can i find on the Lavasoft pages to download another language ? Best regards Jean-Marie Lepercq
  2. If you have a "secure" system, never mind leaving your e-mailaddress behind! I'm working with the internet since 1988 without any problems !!!!!! Jean-Marie,
  3. To the Moderators !!! Since a few days i am a licenced customer of Ad-Aware 2007. I never had the problem in 2005 with my Ad-Aware SE Prof. Looking since several days to find the "foreign languages" for the program without any result !! Kindly request to mention the place where i can download an other "language" for the program. Best regards, Jean-Marie lepercq B-8530 Harelbeke Belgium [email protected]
  4. Hallo J80r50m, Did you restart your PC after installing "AD-AWARE". When installing new programs, it always better for restarting the PC before executing the NEW program. If in any case you have the same result, go to the directory of Lavasoft and DELETE "DEFS.REF" file. Restart the AD-Aware program and normally the program will go online to catch the LATEST "DEFS.REF" file. In the options you can mark it when the program starts go online to download the LATEST file. Jean-Marie,
  5. Hallo Funkee1, Close the Lavasoft program. Just ""DELETE"" your ""DEFS.REF"" file in the Lavasoft directory. Restart Ad-Awareprogram and the program will search online for the ""LATEST"" ""DEFS.REF"" file. I just got the same trouble, and now everything is oké with deleting the OLD file in the directory. Jean-Marie,
  6. Hello, Last update was on 15.06.2006 for ""DEF-File SE1R112"". We expect file ""SE1R113"" in a few days. I saw the ""SE1Bèta113 is in testcase !!! Greetings, Jean-Marie,
  7. Hello, Your troubles aren not the same as mine. On my three harddisk there were 296 files detected by Ad Aware SE Prof 106r1 as ""Malware". After scanning (viruses + Malware + Hijacking + Dialers) with McAfee (V10.0.27==lateste edition) was the result NIHIL, everything is ""CLEAN"" Also i have done a scanning for ""Spy + Hijackling"with another program and everything was also CLEAN. Until last week because i check with Ad Aware once a week, everything was oké (no malware was found) Since two days ago i get the message of ""Malware" of 296 files. All 296 Files are CLEAN AND ALL FILES GOT FROM Ad Awre a ""TAC Code of 5"" I have been searching in the help files en found the explanation. A new methode af scanning and all files he doesn't recognise get a TAC-Code from 0 to 10. After checking all 296 files i put them in the ""negligible objects list"". So Ad Aware do not check this files anymore. Greetings Jean-Marie,
  8. ATTENTION To Mr LS STEVE, If possible, take a look to the first thread concerning MALWARE !!!!! Since yesterday in one day 50 % of my THREE harddisk are DETECTED by Ad Aware SE Prof 106r1 as "MALWARE". There is NO VIRUS onboard !!! The scanning for viruses has been done by McAfee Anti-VirusScan V10.0.27(latest edition) Ad Aware is BLOCKING UP at the moment i ask to put all files in the "Quarantaine Box"!!!!! All files "MARKED" with the message "Malware" are ""CLEAN"" checked by McAfee and another anti-spy program. What can i do to ""ELIMINATE"" that message on each file on my harddisk ?? What's the reason why Ad Aware ""do not eliminate that message" !!! Kindly a answer back please. Thanks Greetings, Jean-Marie Lepercq (customer of Lavasoft products since 2000)
  9. Hello, I change the system restore, the way you have mentioned in your thread without any succes. It seems to become very badly..... two houres ago there was only my harddisk "D" and now Ad Aware system says : i find 192 files as "malware" on HDD "D", 97 files on HDD "C" and 5 files on HDD "E".Ad Aware can even no put this files in the "Quarantaine box", at that moment the program STOPS working and stays blocked. I think there is something NOT GOOD WORKING for the moment with "Ad Aware SE Profes. 106r1. I look further with an other "anti-spy" program and i shall see what i get as answer. I give you the report in a few days. Kindly greetings and thanks for your info. Jean-Marie lepercq [email protected]
  10. Hello, Scanning this afternoon my three harddisks and i got the message from Ad Aware that my disk "D" is completely detected as ""Malware"" I have done several scans first with McAfee without ANY error, than several times with Ad Ware and every time the same response ""Malware" on every directory !!!! Deleting my directories is not possible otherwise i lose all my private documents. I copied everything to an other harddisk en i format de disk "D" because i found "Malware" in the "hidden directory of "System volume information". Now after formatting i copied all my directories to the NEW FORMATTED HARDDISK "D" and ik become the same message that all directories are "MALWARE" What can i do more to CLEAN that message ?? Kindly greetings Jean-Marie Lepercq [email protected]
  11. Hello Sherri, ""Data Miner"" always come from URL's with ""Spy and Adware"", so you may DELETE it without any problem !! Jean-Marie,