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  1. Just remove the missing components in the free version instead of making them grey/disabled. We know there is a premium version. Less bloat>more happy users.
  2. Does program update definitions if game mode is enabled?
  3. Light and unobtrusive. Finally. Thank you.
  4. I just want so say ****, Lavasoft! Installed the program and the stupid 'security' toolbar, which actualy sends info to NSA. Now I can't even update it. I have 0(ZERO) definitions installed. 'It's New. It's Awesome. Everybody says so.' Except me! ***! I'm going to spread the word everywhere.
  5. Oh, yeah...that pop-uuuuup...
  6. "The pop-ups in this mode will be switched off". But there's no pop-ups at all.
  7. What's the point of a GAME mode then? If the program cannot ask me, it may at least inform me what's going on.
  8. Yep. And not just to ask, but to inform about it. I want to know if some malware is found on my PC.
  9. Version 10.2 free doesn't show any pop-ups, even with game mode disabled. I've tested it with many types of malware.It just quarantines the files, no notifications. Please, fix this! It's very important to me, and I believe I'm not the only one.
  10. 2 questions: 1.How can I get a full 10.2 offline installer? 2.Can I install 10.2 over 10.1 or I should uninstall the older version first?
  11. [quote name='CeciliaB' timestamp='1342515107' post='137288'] Hi Smith999, Do you mean update to the new version from 10.1 or updating the definitions within 10.2? [/quote] I mean to update to the new version. Now it says "current version is up to date".
  12. I receive:"Couldn't connect to update service", when I try to update from the GUI.
  13. [quote name='megamind' timestamp='1342077370' post='137185'] Since lavasoft update is very slow if you don't update it for some days it will take hours to update.To solve this problem you should either provide we users offline updates like avast or you could implement p2p updater like spyware terminator which i found most effective updater of all antimalware so that we users don't have hassle in updating Ad-aware. [/quote] It's probably your internet speed. The update process is very fast here. It takes about 10 seconds to update, and I'm updating it manually, 2-3 times a week.
  14. [quote name='reefvan' timestamp='1339084163' post='136336'] In the release of 10.2 or later a serious consideration to adding a checkbox option for "limited real-time protection" and "full real-time protection" should be added. With the reason as to why it is there shown. Many of us have spent good money on Anti-Virus programs which we believe are good and have also spent money on Ad-Aware Pro licenses.I myself lost an entire Saturday morning installing 10.x and un-installing 10.x, what a waste of time. 4 frozen PCs. 10.x is not ready for Prime Time until a little more flexibilty is added in the options. I have 3 desktops running Vista / Win 7 (32 & 64 bit) and 3 laptops running XP / Win 7 (32 & 64 bit). I have paid licences of Ad-Aware Pro on the 2 main family desktops but now will be holding off on any further purchases of Ad-Aware licences until these issues are resolved. [/quote]Every modern AV program has anti-spyware module. I think you don't even need 2 programs of the same kind.
  15. 2 bugs: 1. Scheduled scan can not be disabled! I think You are aware of this. 2.That's funny. See screenshot.
  16. Hehe. I like to use my PC for other things, not for protecting it 24/7. p.s. And it's still protected, by the way, just not with the latest of the latest definitions.
  17. It should not update in game mode. That's why it's a GAME mode.I don't like interruptions during game, caused by AV or other software.
  18. When i check for updates, there's a popup window, which says "definitions are up to date". It's in orange color, but i think that green is better when everything is fine.
  19. I did it yesterday. Thanks.
  20. [quote]I think someone has suggested that in the suggestion topic[/quote] It was me. OK, thanx again for the answer.
  21. That's sad. So, how can i send files from the program UI?
  22. Thank you! edit:isn't this exactly what i'm asking for>