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  1. But the TWA still works or not?
  2. Where can i get the full(standalone, offline) installer? English version!
  3. Fixed(?) I've disabled Sunbelt Software Firewall NDIS IM Filter in local area connection properties.Windows firewall was still not working properly, even after restart. Uninstalled Ad-Aware FREE(Settings and definitions saved for reinstall), then installed it again. Now my windows firewall works fine. Do I need [b]Sunbelt Software Firewall NDIS IM Filter[/b] to be checked(enabled) for Ad-Aware to work on 100% or not? edit: Enabled [b]Sunbelt Software Firewall NDIS IM Filter again. No probs for now, bus still curious-do I need this Sunbelt filter and what exactly is it's job?[/b] [b]Thanks in advance! [/b]
  4. [quote name='CeciliaB' timestamp='1333219622' post='133990'] What does Ad-Aware main screen say about the firewall? [/quote] What can it say, it's disabled in free version.
  5. Hi! I've installed the final release of Ad-aware 10 [b]FREE[/b]. I have some problems with my windows firewall, since the installation of Ad-aware.Something is messed up. Look at the screenshot.
  6. Congratulations! Downloaded. Now installing!
  7. Latest version installed. Right click scan doesn't show scan progress.
  8. Ok, I'm gonna do it, but the new version already asked for activation and I did it again. I'm pretty sure it works fine and updates itself.
  9. Testing already. Installed over .2969, no problems. Running smoothly. Q: What exactly means "safe browsing"? Is this just an indicator that I have a security toolbar installed or a standalone component of ad-aware?
  10. [list] [*]Which version of WinRar were you using? - [color=#FF0000]4.1 beta x64[/color] [*]Could I get a copy of the archive you tried to unpack? [color=#FF0000]Yes(link).[/color] [*]Just to confirm, the BSOD occurred when using Ad-Aware 10?[color=#FF0000]Yes[/color] [*]password for archive:** [*][url=""]http://www.mediafire...7jxnk7ve74lxkgt[/url] [/list]
  11. Hi again! I've downloaded archive, containing malware samples, for testing. Tried to unpack the archive with real time detection switched on. During the unpacking, decided to cancel the operation and BSOD appeared. Screenshot and minidump attached.
  12. Hi! I just wanted to say: Great Job with Ad-Aware security toolbar! I've tested it on the newest 20 malware links from [b]malwaredomainlist[/b].[b]com[/b], with 18 out of 20 success blocks! Ad-Aware 10 free(beta) got another one, on the way down. One sample was missed and sent to the virus lab. That's just a great result for a security toolbar.Nice!
  13. [quote name='LS Ann' timestamp='1330015179' post='133371'] Hello, Thank you for the help. Such processes like AdAwareService.exe and SBAMSvc.exe can be stopped only by administrator. It is not a bug. It can be changed but Microsoft requires that all processes can be stopped by administrator. If you stop AdAware.exe only Ad-Aware GUI will be stopped. Thanks, Ann [/quote] Do not agree.You can never stop processes of Avast, Kaspersky, Panda, Comodo, Symantec...etc.
  14. I think that the self defense is weak.I can easily stop all ad-aware processes from the task manager.Is that true or I'm mistaken?
  15. Try unlocker for the locked folder. You can see what's locking it up.
  16. Thanks! That's good, but I think we still need an alert, in every possible mode(except gaming mode).Just to know that malware is blocked(detected etc.).Just a suggestion.
  17. Ad-Aware does not indicates with alert, when a malware is detected by the real time protection.It puts the files in the quarantine, but silently, no alerts.
  18. Yeah, the avatar is nice.I like it too. The scan time is better, but not great.And that's with no archive scanning.
  19. Scan complete. 1 hour 26 minutes. Sometimes, the files in quarantine are not present.There's just a yellow bar.When I click at that bar, description of a threat is shown.This is about panda toolbar, which is detected as a trojan. [url=""][/url] edit:Can somebody explain what is this(see screenshot) What does it mean? A critical error, but what exactly?
  20. Yes, there's one folder with two ISO files.The first is 6.08 GB, the other - 2.69 GB.
  21. [quote name='LS Andy' timestamp='1329476242' post='133250'] Hi Smith999, Thanks for the feedback - this kind of stuff is really useful. Can I ask you to let us know a few things about the scan you ran?[list] [*]Type of scan [*]Scan time [*]Processor [*]RAM [*]Hard drive capacity [*]Free space on hard drive [/list] I like your idea to submit files through the GUI. So much so that I created a new thread just for ideas and suggestions: [url=""][/url] Can I ask you to post your thoughts there, so we can keep ideas for improvements in one place? Cheers! Andy Lavasoft Malware Lab [/quote] Hi! Thanks for the quick response! 1.I've tried to do a custom scan, with these options enabled(see screenshot): a) drives selected: C(14 GB free of 36),E(14.8 GB folder) It took more than 3 hours and I've stopped the scan. CPU:Intel® Pentium® Processor E5200 (2M Cache, 2.50 GHz, 800 MHz FSB) RAM:4 GB A data 800 MHz HDD:2 HDD's - WD caviar blue 500 GB(OS Windows 7x64 SP1 installed, 350 GB free), Hitachi 250 GB-(folders 37 GB free)