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    cpu running at 100%

    Really, it's supposed to run at 100% for hours...that can't be good for your laptop.
  2. I ran a full scan with Ad aware free version and it makes my cpu run at 100%. Is this normal?
  3. Sorry, I couldn't wait, the laptop was just giving me too many problems so I just took a chance and did a clean install, and it didn't push the smart failure over the edge so I think I'm good. Thanks for replying.
  4. I downloaded a browser hijacking virus which redirects everything to rrssearch.rr. com or mediashifting.com. When I run the ad aware scan, it detects the viruses and removes them, but keeps returning. Finding the path from the logs, I noticed they were all from my windows/assembly folder. I've run multiple scans with ad aware of the windows/assembly folder without rebooting and it seems to detect viruses from the folder for each scan and removes them, but now my windows/assembly folder is completely empty...I have not rebooted. I believe the first log (lavasoft scan report) was ran the first time I started the laptop today, and (lavasoft scan report 2-6) was run without restarting the laptop due to the extreme difficulty in just getting my firefox to even open up...taskmanager would show it running, but it would not open up. I actually have the virus and tried to upload the file (nba league pass broadband crack download), but it gets hung endlessly and reinfected my laptop. Besides my own stupidity, I have "Linsanity" to thank...trying to watch older games of Jeremy Lin with the Knicks, I downloaded the virus. Ad-aware scanned the virus file, but didn't detect anything, but when I opened it, ad-aware would block it from executing, but like a complete idiot, I disabled ad-aware and opened it, infecting my laptop....Linsanity indeed. My firefox is finally running, and everything seems to be okay except when I click away from my browser (on desktop) and click back onto my browser, I get the mediashifting.com pops up in a tab. I'm sure when I reboot, all of the viruses will return again. Normally, I would just do a clean install of windows, but due to smart failure of the hard disk, I am very reticent about trying to do another clean install. Please save your breath about the smart failure, I understand and have backed up everything I need, I just want to use my laptop until it dies.