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  1. Painfully slow update while updating Ad aware definition files. I am on windows 10 ad -aware 12 beta 8
  2. Tried installing Adaware 12 beta on 4G data but installation is so slow I finally gave up and cancelled it.
  3. Hi Again I installed Ad-Aware 11 through standalone installer on WIN 10.When i put my name and email ID in registration page Ad-Aware throws an error saying registeration failed.
  4. I am facing same problem very slow update.
  5. I can't activate Ad-Aware 11.4.6792.0 posting a screenshot. I am using WIN XP SP3 32bit.
  6. It is not activated again I think when lavasoft releases version 10 same thing was happening now version 11 have same issue these people don't learn from their mistakes I am sorry for being rude but it is quite frustrating to know after downloading around 300 MB of file it doesn't work. CeciliaB I am busy now a days So it is not possible for me to send all those information my main intention for this post is to inform this to them one more issue is it is heavy on memory adawareservice is taking around 196MB of ram. Looks like i need to uninstall it.
  7. Hi, Yesterday downloaded Ad-aware 11.2.5952.0 Everything went well after installation I entered my license key but after reboot it is again asking me to activate. I am a Windows XP user with SP3 and i don't have any other security software installed.
  8. Got it activated with my activation code which i received during beta testing.But i think server responsible for free version of ad aware is down or it may be something to do with activation code.
  9. 1)Noscan was running at that time. 2)Browsing internet. 3)everything that is available in free version.
  10. I received my serial no. after registering but after entering seriel no. it says activation failed.
  11. I found two problems Ad ware service is taking 150MB of memory which is huge. If you are not providing web protection in free version why are you installing toolbar in free version.
  12. I installed ad aware 11.0.4555.0 problem is i can't actvate it.
  13. p2p means adware users can download definition from other adware users it will be faster and there will be less load on lavasoft update servers. Smart installer means suppose i click on lavasoft installer then web installer will start downloading necessary files form lavasoft servers lets say suppose due to some odd reason my Internet gets disconnected with current lavasoft installer installation will fail but with smart updater when I click on lavasoft installer again installation will resume from exact point when my network was disconnected.
  14. Need a smart updater like Pctool and bitdefender atleast a P2P updater.
  15. Starting from ad-aware 10 lavasoft has ironed out lots of bugs they need to only concentrate on through malware cleanup aka clean on boot and implement p2p or smart updater. Don't provide identity protection outside US. notification still need to improved for e.g when Ad-ware catch any malware it should provide malware name with info what does it do in popup notification.. update notification is still missing. Scan can be faster.
  16. I have freshly installed windows Xp professional.and never installed zone alarm with this installation.
  17. same thing is happening 10.2 is asking for activation after each reboot.
  18. I have ad-aware 10.1 free key which I was using with 10.1 version.Since at that time lavasoft provide only free trial version. If i put same key in lavasoft 10.2 it tells me yours product is activated but if i reboot it ask for activation.again. I have tried both like and both have same issue.Do i need to register to get a new key?
  19. Free version of 10.2 I am using same key that i use with 10.1 version. . Now i am facing a issue latest version of ad-aware don't remember my license info it is showing you free version will expire in xx days after reboot.
  20. [quote name='CeciliaB' timestamp='1342528904' post='137293'] Did you uninstall 10.1 before installing 10.2? For which version (Free, Free Trial, Personal, Pro, Pro Trial) is your activation code? Are you planning to install 30-day Pro Trial? See [url=""]http://www.lavasofts...e-102-released/[/url] list item 5 Since you had a problem with 10.1 I recommend that you uninstall Ad-Aware before installing 10.2. [/quote] Yes uninstalled 10.1 before installing 10.2. PRO TRIAL Uninstalled and installed 10.2
  21. [quote name='Smith999' timestamp='1342512540' post='137287'] I receive:"Couldn't connect to update service", when I try to update from the GUI. [/quote] I downloaded ad-aware 10.2 from removed my ad-aware 10.1 and reinstalled 10.2 all went i am using 10.2
  22. No need to worry I know this happens because of lavasoft firewall driver now i have installed ad-aware 10.2 and the issue is gone. i can now enable windows firewall so uninstalled zone alarm. But a new issue arise version 10.2 doesn't remember activation.with each reboot it is asking me to enter activation code.