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  1. [quote name='CeciliaB' timestamp='1333059284' post='133926'] Is it possible to install Ad-Aware in the default folder on C: instead of in F:\Install\Apps\Security\AdAware? I will discuss your problem with Lavasoft again during European office hours. [/quote] I am installing in the default folder, which is C:\Program Files(x86)\AdAware Antivirus according to the install windows. What you are seeing is the folder into which I downloaded Adaware_Installer.exe and from which it is executing, not the folder into which it is trying to install AdAware. The only changes I've been making to the defaults are to uncheck the Desktop shortcut option, Safe Browsing module option, and AdAware Safe Search home page option.
  2. I've downloaded the latest version. I can't uninstall anything because nothing has been installed, although the installer indicates that it has finished successfully. Originally, it created a Start Menu group pointing to a non-existent folder in Program Files(x86). Now it is creating an empty Adware Antivirus folder in Program Files(x86) but no Start Menu folder, and there is a new error showing in the application log file file: Product: Ad-Aware Antivirus -- Error 1317. An error occurred while attempting to create the directory C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu (NULL) (NULL) (NULL) (NULL) (NULL) 7B63633933376362632D346265322D343232372D393636302D6666326632613164393436377D I believe that 1317 errors are related to permissions, but I don't know what to do about this one. I've tried running as adminstrator and it doesn't make any difference. The installation process is also getting the following error after starting to reboot: Adaware_Installer.exe 4f742d2d KERNELBASE.dll 6.1.7601.17651 4e211319 e06d7363 0000b9bc c54 01cd0df3d5425460 F:\Install\Apps\Security\AdAware\Adaware_Installer.exe C:\Windows\syswow64\KERNELBASE.dll 558ac73e-79e7-11e1-a27e-c860000b7c09
  3. I forgot the mention that there is a new Program Data folder after running the AdAware Installer, {2162CCC0-3A5F-4887-B51F-CE5F195B3620}, with six Ad-Aware90Install... files and two other files, instance.dat and mia.lib.
  4. I found Lbd.sys and deleted it, but still was unable to install AdAware 9.6, with the same results as before. I decided to try redownloading and found AdAware 10. After downloading that, the install process ran to completion and I let the system reboot, but when I tried to run Ad-Aware from the Start Menu shortcut, the program was missing. Checking Program Files(x86) showed that no AdAware Antivirus folder had been created. I reran the installation and it indicated succesful completion again, but Windows displayed a window indicating that the AdAware Installer had crashed, with the following information: Problem signature: Problem Event Name: APPCRASH Application Name: Adaware_Installer.exe Application Version: Application Timestamp: 4f69edf5 Fault Module Name: KERNELBASE.dll Fault Module Version: 6.1.7601.17651 Fault Module Timestamp: 4e211319 Exception Code: e06d7363 Exception Offset: 0000b9bc OS Version: 6.1.7601. Locale ID: 1033 Additional Information 1: 131d Additional Information 2: 131d84f6e711b39a147d659c5387e391 Additional Information 3: 43b8 Additional Information 4: 43b80e5fb8fa631ba90f2279f50d57bc In Event Viewer, the Application Log showed: Adaware_Installer.exe 4f69edf5 KERNELBASE.dll 6.1.7601.17651 4e211319 e06d7363 0000b9bc a18 01cd0d4ee3ac32d8 F:\Install\Apps\Security\Adaware_Installer.exe C:\Windows\syswow64\KERNELBASE.dll 72f96e6e-7942-11e1-85d5-c860000b7c09 There didn't seem to be anything related to the problem in the other logs, but if there is something I should look for there, please let me know. Thanks for your help.
  5. I was getting messages about updates available but the process to update Ad-Adware Free never seemed to update it, so I decided to remove the current version (I can't remember which one, but it was about a year old) and do a clean install of 9.6. However, the uninstall process did not seem to complete. I tried using Revo Uninstaller Pro and got the same results: the uninstall window appeared and remained without change indefinitely. I tried the Revo Uninstaller Forced Uninstall, but the Ad-Adware folders in Program Files(x86) were empty, so there was no executable for that option, although Ad-Adware was still showing in Windows 7 Ultimate x64 Programs and Features. I deleted the folders and deleted references to Ad-Adware in the Registry, which eliminated the references to Ad-Adware in Programs and Features and tried running Ad-Aware96Install.msi after rebooting. The installer starts and gets as far as a Windows Installer window, but then nothing happens after I click "Ok" at the bottom of the window. I redownloaded the free version install file and got the same results. The system hasn't had any problems uninstalling, installing, or reinstalling any other programs, just Ad-Adware. I'm not sure what to try next to get Ad-Adware to install or to clear out whatever may be left over from the previous install.