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    Database transfer

    Excuse me for my quz. I am sorry
  2. mhb

    Database transfer

    so,i say for ex your ad-aware detect a new virus.and by this you design your AV add you have agreement with GFI.Are get or transfer your database with GFI in special time like in July and Dec? It is right? if it is right describe completely. and if it is right , what is about another company,like kasper and bitdefender? thanks
  3. another, i think sheed AV is very better thAN IMEN.LIGHTER,more powerful and faster. we hope to get licence and to be international AV.and hope IMEN and sheed to be better
  4. mhb

    Database transfer

    Are aV's comPANY as like lavasoft or another company transfer their database ,in duration of the time like 3 month 3 month or season? i heard this from another av's froum. or AV s company have pulltogether .plz write completly about company s assistance, (like GFI and your company work together or as like this?) if you know about another labs write about their synergy. thanks
  5. ok i am going to DSL soon.thanks for your support
  6. no my mean is in uploading malware samples or FP.i have conn with 128 kbps with GSM card in PC
  7. so , we recived another news.Our orginal product(not sheed) with certification from bitdefender with name Imen Subscribed to av-comparatives [url=""]http://www.av-compar...product-reviews[/url] Imen site:
  8. yes.this antivirus has two engine(avira and eset).in company 's country this have 1500 users.but avira and eset does not let them to buy their licence.For Sheed Antivirus: they are small group of people ( maybe 10 person ) that they can not buy Engine ( very expensive ) but i know them and i know they buy ESET and Avira engine later.HIPS technology discovered for the first time by CEO of this company......pcweb said(his my countryman). in add our country dropped in some embargo from some another country (i think you know) and we can not buy sth or we must buy sth 2-3.X over orginal price. so they(ESET and Avira) say right .still it have not any license from Avira and ESET but they trying to get it. are you found any suspicious code for spying or it is an not certified AV? are you read that linked froum completly. Mcafee reported: [url=""][/url] about(en):Sheed computer software company (with registration number 5341) was established in 1387(2008) by A.Nayeri and its aim is to provide support and development of AV Sheed. The main center is located in Semnan city.though it is trying to have security sevices in Iran and foreign country in the future so another question is why i can not upload files to your site?my browser after a min say conn question is it was better your new product have treat work app.your product is the best .I try to buy it in new year. Thanks.have fun
  9. i can not upload files to report FP or ML .your product detect an antivirus as tojan this is not tro or fake AV download link:
  10. mhb

    some question?

    no , i like to comare two topic and i wrote wrong (because i can not speak english very well) Are you read this post?
  11. mhb

    some question?

    ok, i do not know a bout your forum's option,how i can delete my posts
  12. another one is if ad aware do not have submit files as ad aware 9(treat work) it is better have this feature and i think in scan shoud be have selection to show scan page in new window.
  13. Hi.ihave to suggestion is better that show progress in scan and have turn off system after scan 2.showing pop up for turn off the realtime protection like norton. another one is why you do not have offline update and offline instalation in ad aware 10? thanks
  14. mhb

    some question?

    you got wrong from my questions.i say show pop up in automatic detecting and upload files from ad aware 10 like ad aware 9! thanks for your support