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  1. All is working now. I went to: Network Protection > Adapter Settings (Manage) > I selected my adapter (Edit) > I changed Stealth option form on to off. I have now access to the internet. Do you know what this option is for?
  2. Thanks. Tried both and still the same.
  3. I was only to enable Real-time Protection, but has bought Ad-Aware Pro. I used this solution to fix it: All is working now. Howvere Ad-Aware Firewall is blocking my internet access so it is switched off. Does any one have fix for this problem? Kruk
  4. Hi I have W7 x64. I had KIS 2014 and then installed Ad-Aware 11 - issues with KIS. Then I removed both and installed first KIS then Ad-Aware - still issues with KIS Then I installed first Ad-Aware and KIS - still issues with KIS (I tried the same order with AD-Aware in compatible mode - still issues) I returned to Ad-Aware 10 - no issues Thanks Tom
  5. Hi Yes that would be great because currently they just ask me to remove Ad-Aware 11. Thanks
  6. It's not really a Lavasoft problem I think. I'm using KIS 2014 and for some reason after Windows is loaded KIS is switching off completely if Ad-Aware 11 is working (including compatible mode). KIS was working fine when I was using Ad-Aware 10.5
  7. Hi Cecilia, Could you please send me a PM with the installation file for the latest v10.5? I'm struggling with the another AV working together with Ad-Aware in the compatible mode. All was ok with the v10.5. Thanks
  8. Kruk

    v10 to v11

    Hi Can I migrate form v10 to v11 with existing serial number? Tom
  9. I'm having 2 PCs: Vista and W7 both wit ad-aware and XP with Ad-aware 9.6. Version works fine on both Vista and W7 therefore this is why I wish to have this version on the 3rd one as I will be upgrading it from XP to Vista. Please let me know on Monday. Many thanks Tom
  10. Hi I will be upgrading one of the PCs from XP to Vista. Currently I have Ad-Aware 9.6 version along with KIS2012. As Ad-Aware 10.2 is not compatible with KIS2012 could you please provide a link to a version as this one is working fine in the same time with KIS2012. I can not find this on your website. Adaware_Installer.exe file is downloading latest files from your server (v10.2) Thanks Tom
  11. Hi Is there any update on testing the combination of Ad-Aware 10.2 and KIS 2012? Any new version of Ad-Aware? I have not tested your solution as yet. Thanks
  12. I have 3 PC and on each of them I have Ad-Aware and KIS 2012 and all work fine I'm aware that 10.2 could not work properly but I want try. If it will not work I will go back to the previous version I will wait for your response. Kruk
  13. Hi Currently I'm using Ad-Aware Pro and KIS2012 at the same time. I didn't noticed any problems with using PC or applications. There is now new version of Ad-Aware 10.2 and when I try to install it I'm getting info that an incompatible program is detected (the KIS 2012). Is there any way to install Ad-Aware anyway? I know that this is not recommended but I would like to do it. Many thanks Kruk
  14. Hi Is there any way to add websites as exceptions as some website have been blocked by Ad-Aware and I'm sure that these websites are safe. Kruk
  15. Kruk

    BSOD at startup

    I have KIS2012. I can turn on PC in Safe Mode but I can't uninstall Ad-aware 10. I didn't tried last good configuration. I will check and let you know. I will add that I installed Ad-aware over ad-aware 9.6. Thanks.