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  1. Good morning (I am in Spain), I bought a license for your Registry Tuner, as soon as I bought, I activate, and made a "Clean Registry" scan, after that I clic on "fix problems" and my Visual Chart 4 program stoped running. After some pc hollidays, today I restart my tasks and would like to inform you about this trouble. Just finishing the scan, this (unchecked) items are detected as "problem", Real Server is a really important part of Visual Chart database: [attachment=9313:falloRegistryTuner.png] (Today I will not fix any problem without cheching one by one), do not forget about other listed problems. Today is hard to find Visual Chart 4 because the supplier has implemented a new Visual Chart 5. Link of the manufacturer of Visual chart: [url=""][/url] About downloading visual Chart 4, I jus find a post in his forum (sorry it is in spanish) [url=""]http://www.visualcha...VC5&Language=ES[/url] I translate partially the text including main links: -----------spanish text--------------- archivo de instalación puede descargárselo desde: [url=""]http://www.visualcha...rt4090setup.exe[/url] Una vez instalada puede actualizar a la versión , desde este otro enlace: [url=""]http://www.visualcha.../Update4099.exe[/url] -----------spanish text------------- --------Translation-------- Install file can be downloaded from [url=""]http://www.visualcha...rt4090setup.exe[/url] Once installed, can update to the version from this link: [url=""]http://www.visualcha.../Update4099.exe[/url] ---------------end of translation--------- Thank you for your attention, I hope I will not give you to much work with this item. Best Regards. And excuses for my poor english.