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  1. not working for me either... my last update was on 15.05.2014...
  2. any news about 10.2? cheers
  3. i know you're trying and you're very helpful in many cases troughout this forum... i gave plenty of logs to technical support (done by adaware due to their instructions, they even logged onmy pc but still cant find the problem). i'm starting to think if a clean win reinstall (which i cant and wont do) would solve the problems... maybe some av software from years ago is making trouble... but this is merely speculation... while adaware 10.0 works as a charm, and 10.1 don't, then i have to presume it is something in way that they changed adaware as software in ver 10.1... thank you ceciliaB, for really trying to help us all in this forum... i'll would buy a drink, if i could... cheers andrej
  4. nope,im still forced to use 10.0.xxxx verison... 10.1 isnt working... they cant figure out why... i was told to wait until 10.2 and now im sitting it out... if 10.2 wont work either, i'll have to consider something else... mhm... no other options... cheers
  5. i on the other hand, wish to have one piece of software for both AV and antimalware/spyware... well, ask 3 people and you'll get 3 different answers i guess khm i'm still waiting for update to 10.2... i cannot use 10.1... will we see it in june or not?
  6. andrejl2

    New Update

    did you download version? quite few users have troubles when upgrading to latest version... pc totaly unresponsive, hard boot necesary, etc... i'm always stuck at desktop, not be able to do anything with my pc... had to revert to 10,0 version back... youre not alone...
  7. we worked yesterday, but problem still persists. i was forced to uninstall this morning due to pc beeing unusable, stuck on desktop... im back on 1, version... i have sent PM to ann but still waiting for some response, what will be next step... 10,0,xxx is working just fine...
  8. [quote name='CeciliaB' timestamp='1336598342' post='135326'] I thought that you had installed 10.1 again and it worked. What did you mean with "i have reinstalled adaware and finaly it gets the updates" in [url=""]http://www.lavasofts...post__p__135311[/url] ? [/quote] it did work until reboot... after reboot everything went to hell again... windows halts on startup, you cant do anything... like some process of adaware isnt doing what it should be... and it gets stuck... you cant do anything but hard reboot... i spent a good 2 hours trying installss and uninstalss, invane. D*mn and is working like a charm... they changed something, but for some reason it locks up on some computers.. i wonder how many really have troubles...
  9. i had exactly the same thing,,, unfortunately, i also had to revert to 10.0.xxxx verion to keep using adaware... something is wrong! also using win 7 64bit
  10. ofcourse i used adaware_installer provided trough my subscription link in email, and tried the one on webpage. i have reinstalled adaware and finaly it gets the updates. so far so good. i have 2 questions: 1. why are there leftovers of installation? 2. why on earth are users forced to uninstal and install new software updates? it should be automatic and without user intervention... as it is done by other AV companies. can you inform you contact about that? they should make automatic updates... unless it is completely new version of a program. i had to uninstall and install even in versions... that is ridiculous... my 5 cents: dont bother users about that, thats my advice... program should self update, period. regards
  11. no i dont use anything else, as version 10.0.xxxx was working just fine... strange as it may seem, as i install the 10.1 version i leftover stays on my desktop. a file called FSSC.dat... like it could not install properly... i have checked the ad aware folder and there is also this file. the first time i restart after installation, i have to hard reset pc due to ad aware not loading and everything stops. hopefully i'll get it working. tnx for the link. will have to load it if i wont find any solution. since i am paid costumer, i'll be turning to support if it wont work. ''god i hope it will be ok, i don't wish to bother with this now '' regards
  12. hi. when i saw that ad aware 10.1 is avaible i upgraded from10.0xxxx version. the 10.1 installs just fine but then it freezes the internet connection. i found out that it cannot find an update server for definitions and program upgrades... it seem it goes in some sort of a loop whic makes internet browsing impossible as after you start browsing it never loads any site... at the end pc gets veeeery slow in response. there is some issue with that new version... i tried to reinstall 10.1 few times and i always get to same result. is there a possibility to download 10.0.xxxx verison, as it worked without problem. i use win 7 64bit.... regards...