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  1. [quote name='tjbinno' timestamp='1335551504' post='135048'] Great that you have added an anti-virus. But for those of us who want to remain with our trusted anti-virus, please make a more positive way of disabling your antivirus. Yes I know I can disable by setting (one or more) buttons, but even now I'm not sure if its completely turned off. You should provide an "anti-virus" on or off switch just as you provided many other options. [/quote] First off, I been using your AWESOME product for many years. I believe in your Adaware malware scanner. I been also for many years referring hundreds of people to your web site for the same malware scanner. I am currently using 9, but now its asking me to update my software, I would love to but. I am using another brand of anti-virus that I will not un-install. Why can't you just continue to offer the same scanner that you always had? Unfortunately, if I can not just get the malware scanner I will be forced to un-install it for good. Something I really do not want to do!