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  1. [quote name='CeciliaB' timestamp='1337005301' post='135567'] Hi TheHaggis, It might be some conflict with Avast unfortunately. [/quote] Not so sure because I tried switching various things off and no matter what I did, nothing made any difference until I uninstalled your program. I have never had any conflict between them in the past.
  2. I think you guys have still not got it right, I'm afraid to say. I installed the latest version 10.1...... and ever since then it pretty much made my machine useless. Everything stilled worked but it just took a very very long time to get there. Not very computer savvy but the only thing I could see that was wrong was the CPU never went above 1%, what was causing this, god knows. I was looking through your forum for some answers and came upon, [url=""][/url] . Great info and thankfully all I have had to do was just click on the uninstall button. Since then my machine is back to normal, just no pretection until I can find what the old version I has was and try installing that again. Been using your products for years and this is the first time things have gone a bit pear shaped. Just thought that I would let you guys know and can hopefully do some R&D. HP Touchsmart 310PC Windows 7 Home Premium Avast Anti Virus, nothing else.