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  1. Hello adaware, I just found this fake MS Security esstials. Look at that, its not found by a single antivirus yet
  2. The new version is faster than the old one that Ive tried for some days ago, and now I can run your software on m PC without any lag. Thanks for the help
  3. [quote name='CeciliaB' timestamp='1337175720' post='135678'] Is your computer working as usual now? [/quote] Yes, My network works again
  4. [quote name='CeciliaB' timestamp='1337174715' post='135673'] Note, I'm a volunteer here and not employed by Lavasoft. I suggest that you do a system restore to a restore point before the installation of Ad-Aware 10. [/quote] Yeah, I did that. But if you fix all the errors I have with this pruduct Im gonna use it. But for now, I dont recommend it to anyone
  5. Your software is buggy like hell, it destroyed my network, I cant connect to any network anymore. Why did I install this crap, can anyone help me get rid of these problem. One other thing, under the uninstall your software bluescreened my PC.
  6. [quote name='CeciliaB' timestamp='1337120364' post='135637'] If you haven't paid for Ad-Aware, but since you have a really serious problem with Ad-Aware 10, you might contact Lavasoft directly: [url=""][/url] If you have bought Ad-Aware, you can contact the Lavasoft support (higher priority): [url=""][/url] They can then connect directly to your computer and investigate what the problem/solution is. While waiting, you can try to uninstall and install again. If you have had another antivirus program installed since you installed Windows 7, be sure to run its special removal/clean-up tool. [/quote] Look at this video: [media][/media] You see the cursor? I didnt have that problem before installing this antivirus. And you see the my computer screen? I loaded on like 0,50 seconds before I installed this. My computer is new, bought it this year from a Swedish store called Siba. Im gonna contact them now, but this problem is driving me nuts. Where do I found the uninstaller tool for Windows 7?
  7. [quote name='usmhot' timestamp='1336678892' post='135359'] Hi, Can anyone confirm whether AdAware is capable of removing Smart Fortress 2012? usmhot [/quote] Hmm, I have tried one of the rogue in the Smart Fortress 2012 family in a virtual machine and I have tried to remove it with this software, It didnt work. If you havent solved this, try MBAM, It will erase that shitty rogue
  8. [quote name='CeciliaB' timestamp='1337115215' post='135612'] Hi devstaff, Do you have another antivirus program installed? It might be a conflict between that program and Ad-Aware. [/quote] No, I only have Lavasoft Ad-Aware installed. And Lavasoft Ad-aware is the only security related software installed
  9. Hmm, Well, not very much

  10. Hello all LavaSoftSupport users, I have a problem with your software, Adaware, It makes my PC lag. Is there any solution for this? My PC has 3GB ram, 1.5 Ghz Dualcore and a newly installed Windows 7 Home premium. Please help me with this, I like your software, but this "lag" is driving me nuts.