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  1. Hi Andy, thanks. For me will be very helpful to know for which reason the software has supposed the dangerousness of our web site. Best Regards, Filippo.
  2. [color=#282828]Hi,[/color] [color=#282828]I'm Filippo and I am a technical consultant at, which is the most important italian ecommerce sites for ebook.[/color] [color=#282828]For some reason Adaware 10 is reporting "Visiting this site may harm your computer!" when people visit us. I guarantee you that it does not and will not hurt your computer in any way whatsoever ![/color] [color=#282828]Any info you might have on the best way to correct this would be appreciated. Please let me know if you need any additional info, and thanks again for the help.[/color] [color=#282828]Thanks,[/color] Filippo.