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  1. Hi LS Andy, Just tested this and it appears to no longer be blocked. Thanks so much for all your help! Sincerely, Michael Kelley Senior Systems Engineer Shop To Win, an Online Convergence Company
  2. Hi CeciliaB, Thank you for drawing our attention to the first site, our VP of Technology and Information Security, Peter Wyner, has now reached out to them in order to address our poor standings on that site. Your second link is Peter's false positive report of Shop To Win to Malware Bytes, as a result they granted us whitelist status. LS Andy, We truly appreciate your rapid response. Testing now shows I can successfully download and install our product, but it appears that with the Shop and Bank Safely Online option turned on, [url="http://stejpn.com"]http://stejpn.com[/url] is still a blocked address. The website [url="http://stejpn.com"]http://stejpn.com[/url] is used by the Shop To Win product to render communication sliders and messaging, keep the software up to date, and is part of the general use and functionality of the software. Blocking this site essentially blocks the use of the Shop To Win Product even when successfully installed. I would just like to further request this address be cleared in order to allow users who download Shop To Win the proper functionality while running Ad-Aware with that option turned on. Once again thank you for your initial response, and please let me know if there's any other information I can provide to assist in this process. Sincerely, Michael Kelley Senior Systems Engineer Shop To Win, an Online Convergence Company
  3. Hi I'm a Senior Systems Engineer at Shop To Win, Ad-Aware is triggering a false positive on our product. The Shop To Win installer downloads the latest installation package from an Amazon S3 bucket (http://download.shoptowin.net) using a helper program called installassist.exe. Ad-Aware version is misclassifying this behavior as dangerous and is not allowing the software install to complete. Further, Ad-Aware is blocking access to http://stjpe.com which is crucial to the operation of the Shop To Win product. Please let me know if i can furnish any additional information. Sincerely, Michael Kelley Senior Systems Engineer Shop To Win, an Online Convergence Company About Shop To Win: Shop To Win is a loyalty-based sweepstakes program that allows consumers to earn entries into daily and annual sweepstakes while they shop at over 2000 internet merchants. The product shows consumers a reminder each time they visit a site where they are eligible to earn sweepstakes entries (for example, http://www.homedepot.com), provides a winner experience so that we can contact sweepstakes winners, and provides a shopping confirmation to the consumer once a month confirming the entries they have earned. The software is freely and publicly available at http://www.shoptowin.net/member/info/getapp/ I've attached a zip file that contains the detected file, the log file of the scan that detected the FP as well as screenshots of the detection. URL/download location of detected application: http://www.shoptowin.net/member/info/getapp/