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  1. Hi: I installed Adaware 10 and I HATED it. [b][color=#ff0000]Problems:[/color][/b] 1. The software wasn't as lean and fast as implied (in those annoying messages to upgrade to version 10 while using version 9.6). While the installer was very small, around 5.9MB the installed package was much bigger than version 9.6. The bloated features made my system startup much slower than version 9.6. 2. The GUI - I know the recommend screen resolution is 1024 x 768 but since I value my eyesight I've always used 800 x 600. Since upgrading to version 10 I am unable to see the whole GUI unless I use the 1024 x 768 resolution and even then there seem to be problems with the GUI. I clicked on the minimize button because I wanted the GUI to get a little smaller so that I could view it completely in with my 800 x 600 resolution. That didn't happen. Instead the software just went to the taskbar. [size=5][color=#FF0000][b]800 x 600 resolution[/b][/color][/size] [size=5][color=#FF0000][b]1024 x 768 resolution[/b][/color][/size] [url=""]http://i11.photobuck...8_VirusList.jpg[/url] 3. Showed viruses names in quarantine but NOT what file was infected with the said virus or where that infected file was located. It's all well and good to know the type of virus but if I don't know what file ie where it's located I could make the mistake of downloading that file again if I deleted it. By the by, clicking on the name of the quarantined file didn't show me any information and I don't want to have to go to C:Program Files just to find out information that should be readily it was in version 9.6. [size=5][color=#FF0000][b]Quarantine Images[/b][/color][/size] [url=""]http://i11.photobuck...8_VirusList.jpg[/url] [b][color=#ff0000]Suggestion:[/color][/b] 1. Make the software package (installed) lean and fast as advertised BUT still effective and efficient. 2. Fix the GUI so that it can be seen in a minimized view (not on the taskbar!!!). You know more like the Adaware 9.6 GUI. 3. Show quarantined viruses but also show [b]what[/b] file was infected as well as [b]where[/b] that file is located. There should also be a button that would allow you print out the scan logs because I shouldn't have to go to Program file/Adaware to get something that should be at my fingertips.
  2. [quote name='CeciliaB' timestamp='1338325634' post='136071'] Hi lapetite66, Malwarebyte's Anti-Malware isn't an antivirus program, it is an anti-malware program that is constructed to be used as a complement to an antivirus program. Ad-Aware 9.6 is a combination of antivirus and anti-malware program, but since the Free version has a limited real-time protection, it is seldom any problems using it together with another antivirus program. Ad-Aware 10 is also this combination, but even Ad-Aware 10 Free Antivirus+ has a full real-time protection and using two programs with full real-time protection at the same time often means problems. LS Digger Barnes' explanation about possible conflicts with other security programs in the post [url=""]http://www.lavasofts...ndpost&p=125582[/url] is written for Ad-Aware 9.x Pro, and the principle is still the same. Since many persons have wished that it should be possible to use Ad-Aware together with other antivirus programs, it is possible that Lavasoft will change Ad-Aware in the future. It is still possible to use Ad-Aware 9.6 and it can be downloaded from FileHippo. The scan logs are located in: XP - C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Lavasoft\AntiMalware\History\.xml Vista and 7 - C:\ProgramData\Lavasoft\AntiMalware\History\.xml Be sure to create a system restore point before uninstalling Ad-Aware and using registry cleaning programs. Can be useful if the program cleans to much. [/quote] CeciliaB: I understand that Adaware 10 is supposed to be have better protection etc. but it just makes my system lag too much and take forever to load. I have finally uninstalled Adaware 10 and used both registry mechanic and ccleaner to clean out registry files etc. Then I installed Adaware 9.6. There is a MAJOR difference in how fast my system loads up with this version as opposed to version 10. When I open Adaware 9.6 to do a scan this screen pops up and tells me my Adaware is out of date and that there is a newer version available...version 10. That screen is VERY annoying and was the reason I upgraded to that dang Adaware 10. I've noticed that two of the selling points of Adaware 10 is that it's supposed to be both faster and leaner. I didn't see evidence of either of those traits. That word fast is self explainatory and the word leaner implies that something has been scaled down in size. You know when someone was heavier in pounds but lost weight so now they are "leaner". As I said, I didn't see evidence of either of those traits. I really hope that changes will be made in the future that will allow Adaware to be used in conjunction with other antivirus programs (I use Norton 360) but until that time I will stick with version 9.6 until a new version comes out that is exactly as advertised; faster, leaner etc. Thanks,
  3. [quote name='CeciliaB' timestamp='1338153376' post='136031'] Hi lapetite66, Have you uninstalled Ad-Aware 10? If it is only a few days since you installed Ad-Aware 10, I suggest that you after the uninstallation of Ad-Aware do a system restore to a restore point created just before the installation to make sure that the registry is in the same state as before the installation of Ad-Aware 10. You can still use Ad-Aware 9.6 and it can be downloaded from FileHippo. I'm not sure since Ad-Aware hasn't found anything malicious during the scans in my computer but in the quarantine list you double-click the the threat name to get more information, including file name. Maybe it is similar in this case. Please, add suggestions for future versions in the topic [url=""][/url] which is monitored by Lavasoft staff. [/quote] Hi CeciliaB: Thanks for responding to my post.I haven't uninstalled Adaware 10...yet. I was trying to give it a chance but I just can't take it anymore. It takes my computer what seems like 5 years to load up when it NEVER took that long with I had version 9.6Once I uninstall version 10 I will use registry mechanic to clean up any files left behind. You mentioned something about having to click on the name of the virus found but I didn't have to do that with 9.6. As far as version 10. I did the click on thing before ever seeing your suggestion in this post and that didn't work. What about the fact that there isn't a log for the scan you performed and if there is I wasn't able to find it nor find a button on version 10 that could lead me to a log to print out etc. I will most assuredly give my two cents in the suggestion box/forum.
  4. [quote name='megamind' timestamp='1338181332' post='136038'] lapetite66, You are facing problem because you are using multiple antivirus if you like norton you can keep it and uninstall ad-aware 10.1 or you may keep ad-aware and remove norton Your computer is slowing down due to conflict.don't be paranoid multiple real time protection will slows your system down no matter if it is i3 or i7. [/quote]Hi megamind:I normally have three antivirus; they consisted of Norton, Malwarebytes and Adaware. Up until I installed this newest version of Adaware my system was NEVER this slow. As far as SuperAntispyware I only installed this time around but normally I just use the portable version.As far as being paranoiod, I prefer to think of myself as proactive. I'm sure I don't have to tell you all antivirus are created equally. There have been times when Norton missed something that malwarebytes, Adaware or SuperAntispyware caught and vice versa.I will be removing Adaware 10 but other than that I will stick with my system but thanks for your response.
  5. Hi: I was using version 9.6 and the only reason I updated is because I got this message telling me that my current version was working and it also didn't seem to be updating as it had previously. So, being a trusting idiot I updated and I've regretted it ever since. My computer is slower loading up even with my i3 duo core Processor and to me that's bad. I've had to restart the computer numerous times because it keeps freezing up and not loading my other anti-virus software. Yes, I have other Anti-virus software Norton and Malwarebytes are both paid for and SuperAntispyware is is freeby and yes, I know that sometimes there can be conflicts when you have more than one Antivirus. The thing is that until I upgraded and I use the word upgraded loosely, I NEVER had any problems or conflicts! I don't have any plans to uninstall any of my other Antivirus software just so this so-called better version can work better. What the heck kind of logic is that or what kind of common sense is that to suggest that we uninstall our other Antivirus just so AdAware can work better? Did I mention how much I absolutely hate the new GUI? I used to complain about the GUI (to myself) about version 9.6; about how you couldn't maximize it. Boy, I take back that complaint now. I don't know about everyone else but I still have an "old" CRT monitor which doesn't do widescreen so that means that I have to scroll back and forth at times when I go to most websites because everyone and their mother seems to have upgraded to the widescreen view. I know the recommend screen resolution is 1024 x 768 but since I value my eyesight I've always used 800 x 600 and since upgrading to version 10 I am unable to see the whole GUI unless I use the 1024 x 768 resolution and even then there seem to be problems with the GUI. Some of the GUI seems to be missing(the name in left hand corner) and the ability to minimize the GUI seems to have disappeared completely which is crazy because that minimize button was there when I first upgraded. Although I guess I really shouldn't say that it was a minimize button because the when I clicked on that button it only minimized to the taskbar when I what I wanted was for the GUI to get a little smaller so that I could view it completely in with my 800 x 600 resolution. That didn't happen. So basically if I want to see the whole GUI or to download the definitions manually etc. I have to use the 1024 x 768 resolution because I can't see the whole GUI and the things I need to see otherwise. When the software is on the tasbar and when I click on minimize I wan't the GUI to get smaller not just get moved to the taskbar tray. Another issue is that in Version 9.6 when you scanned and the software found something it would show you the file that was infected and where it was located. Version 10 does NOT do this or least the one I have doesn't. It shows you the name of infection and that's it. Basically, you're in the dark about which file is infected so you could possibly download the same file again because you don't know that it's infected. I really liked the previous AdAware version which was 9.6 and it's really frustrating when your software gets a supposeded upgrade and things that were perfectly fine get totally screwed up and meanwhile the software package grows in size and slows down your system etc. Personally, the I don't understand it because as far as I'm concerned the ONLY difference should be how much more efficiently the upgraded software performs the GUI be damned!!!