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  1. let's hope that won't be for a loong time
  2. Sorry, CeciliaB I'm an amateur.. didn't work for me - but the link posted by cootmaster worked - so my problem is solved. Thank you for trying to help kind regards sushh
  3. Many tahnx coot master - that worked My old version seems to be up and running Kind and happy regards sushh
  4. Hi CeciliaB Sorry but the link on right side of Flilehippo links on to a message dated nov 2011, which links directly to Lavasoft, where you can only download the new version 10x, which I rgrettably upgraded without knowing I would end up with a problem: no way back - it seems
  5. I have now removed ad-aware 10, as it apppeared to conflict with other real time protection. I was advised that I could go back to ad-aware 9x - but where do I find and dowload this older version? Kind regards Sushh
  6. ok thanks. I dont really know what is best... I'll talk to friends about which to keep and make my decision. klind regards sushh
  7. Hi Moderator! 1) I'm connected through WIFI, where do I check to see if I'm behind a proxy server?(don't think so..) My PC was born with McAfee - that was never a problem before - so I just ignored it. 2/3) yes, I know. I tried and tried to download the definitions but no result.. Don't know why they were not downloaded.
  8. I recently installed the newest version of AW free, but it won't run at all. 1) it wont update and no definitions were ever downloaded 2) it's impossible to start a scan, as the scan button remains idle(pale) 3) my pc status is at risk, but when I try to fix the three listed problems, nothing happens This is really frustrating! I've been using Ad aware for several years with no problems - and now problems is all I have... Please help. Kind regards, sushh