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  1. Well, I doubled clicked the file, but it was in .RAR form, and I didn't have the necessary program to open it. Does that still mean nothing was infected? I've used multiple antiviruses to scan, but none picked anything up. And thanks for the Java hint, much appreciated!
  2. Hey guys, I recently downloaded a file that had a keylogger attached to it. I never actually ran the file, just downloaded it. I don't know if I have a key logger for sure, and have used all necessary programs to scan my computer. I was directed here though from someone I know who told me it was the best place to recieve help and possibly find a solution to the problem. I have ran the DDS and have attached them to the post. To anyone who can help, thank you. If there is anything that can be done, I would prefer it much more than reformatting my computer. Please and thanks to anyone who can help! -Tyler