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  1. I have Ad-aware free antivirus+ ver, and since installing it the search facility from the location bar has been replaced with lavasoft secure search. How do I reset this to google as I had it before. This not from the search bar, I have already set that to google, but from the location abr.
  2. I ahve used the free versions of Ad-aware for many years without any problems. I recently recieved update that a new version was available and decided to update to the paid Personal version. After downloading the software I have had nothing but problems, my laptop freezes and becomes unusable the only way out was to do a restore system to before the download. I emailed Lavasoft but recieved nothing back from them. Yesterday I tried again and had the smae problem so I have removed Ad-aware from my system. Has anyone else had the same or similar problems? Has anyone had any info from Lavasoft? Has anyone any solutions? I ahve a Toshiba Satellite C660 laptop running Windows 7 64 bit. There is plenty of available memory and I have not had any problems with any other software. Alan