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  1. Cecilia - Followed your advice. The only update option I saw on this site is to the AV product that I don't want but I was able to uninstall 9.5.1 and reinstall 9.6 through a CNET link - and now I do have a checkbox which I didn't have before which, if it limits the pop-up reminder to once a month as opposed several times a week (and invariably when I least need the distraction), will be just fine. It is after all free and I do appreciate that and respect their right to occasionally remind of their existence. I'm a fan of Ad Aware, have used it for years, and recommend it to others - this is the first time I've had any slight annoyance with it. Thanks for the help.
  2. Nope - no option like that on mine.
  3. I have AdAware 9.5.1 and would like to turn off the constant pop that asks if I want to update - with a link to AdAware Anti-Virus which I don't want. The only options on the pop-up are "Ask Me Later" and "Update Now" - I need one that says "Quit Bothering Me." The irony is that AdAware is supposed to GET RID of annoying pop-ups not create new ones. Any way to make this stop?