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  1. Morning Cecilia, I've now done the install of V12, reebooted the computer, and everything seems to be fine. Thank you so much for taking the time to help me. All the best Mick
  2. OK,thanks again. I've run the fix and here is the fixlog . . . Fixlog.txt If that's all OK. i'll disable IObit, reinstall adaware and reboot. Mick
  3. OK Thanks Cecelia, just done that Here's the two log files. FRST.txtFRST.txt Addition.txt Thanks Mick
  4. Just investigated a bit further and I see the problem is far more simple to explain. Version 12 is siiting there and working fine, but for some reason the taskbar icon (bottom right on a desktop Win 7 PC) just reverts to an old version 11 that still apprears to be partially there. and automatically opens V11) It looks like I have to somehow find a way to remove it (there are no exe files in this folder, and it won't delete) Cheers Mick
  5. H Cecilia, Thanks for getting back so quickly. Yes, I have V12 although I now see a proble. adding the activation key vrom the last a couple of days ago (3R83d- . . -2AUJ4 which is the current V12 activation code) It failed and gave me a log file. In that it is saying, amongst other things the version I "now" have is V 11.15.1046.10613. So although that is probably why it is not updating or activating, I have no idea how this could be. Everytime I have removed and reinstalled, it is always 12 I install, and everything works fine. Then, as said, ocasionally, and now almost every other day I ame faced with the above images. I will add that it didn't occur to me that the interface looked old, I now see it must be the old V11 that somehow kicks in (When it is working is is the more uptodate interface of V12) Thanks again Mick
  6. Hello, I'm having a sort of reset problem with adaware V12 free. I'm on Win 7 desktop in UK. Every now and then, adaware will default to this . . . It will stay in that checking loop indefinately if I let is, or by pressing "close" I get this . . . Re-checking does nothing but start the cycle again. The only way out of it so far has been to remove adaware and reinstall. This has been happening since the start of V12, but happened so infrequently (maybe every 3 or 4 months) I just lived with it as it didn't really cause me too much concern. However I've noticed it is now happening more and more frequently, and is now occuring just about every 1 or 2 days. I wonder if anyone else is experiencing this, and if there is a fix already, or is it just me. Thanks for reading Mick
  7. The repair method worked fine for me, hope it does for everyone else.
  8. I'm having the same issue has it been resolved yet?


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    2. Autumn W.

      Autumn W.

      I submitted my log files when I filled out the contact form through adaware itself!

    3. Autumn W.

      Autumn W.

      after adaware free version didn't work I uploaded Pro thinking it would make a difference and it didn't so I don't even know if I have any log files since I switched to Pro?

    4. CeciliaB


      Thanks, no log files are needed at the moment, see topic.

  9. Hello again, Still no progress overnight, so hopefully these are the files needed to report a problem MSI9f0c5.zip msinfo32.zip https://www.dropbox.com/s/hz73uovyxn9blzr/adaware antivirus.zip?dl=0 If I need to do anything else, just let me know. Thanks again Mick
  10. Just started the scan, and noticed the "Current Scan Target" is blank. I can't say I've ever noticed before, but wonder if this is an indication that nothing is scanning and it's just stuck at the beginning. Anyway, I'll let it run and come back in the morning. Thanks again Mick
  11. OK Thanks Cecilia, will let it run overnight tonight, see how that goes. Thanks Mick
  12. Hello I have a problem with AV12 Free. The scan function (Quick and Full) has stopped working. I click the scan and it starts OK and the timer starts, but it just seems to goes on infinitely. (A normal quick scan takes about 2 / 3 mins on average, never more than 5 mins). I had to cancel it yesterday, when it was up past an hour as I felt it was locked in a loop. I've since removed and reinstsalled it, still no change. I don't know if it is connected, but the Stop button doesn't work either. Neither does closing the application down in Task Manager. Only way to stop it is to reboot PC. I'm on a Desktop PC with Windows 7 I wonder if you could help in any way. Thanks Mick
  13. Thanks Cecilia, all working fine now.
  14. Thanks Cecilia, will keep an eye on the post you linked to. Mick
  15. Hello, I have a problem with the Free version of AW 12. It normally allows me to check for updates then checks / downloads / applies. For the last 3 days it allows me to check, but comes back with "Definitions release: 3 days ago - Check for updates" (just as if I hadn't checked) I wonder if this a recent problem for others, or is it just me. I'm in UK using Win 7 / 64bit on a desktop PC Thanks Mick