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  1. It works fine for me too. I'm not sure that I understand your point.
  2. Currently using Ad-Aware Free 10.2, and finding UI somewhat frustrating. Sometimes a user wants to ignore a detected threat and leave the file as-is. There are many reasons for this, including false positives, awareness of threat vs. usefulness of file, etc. 1. With other AV's and I'm certain previous Ad-Aware versions, it was possible to select "Add to ignore list" as an action for a detected threat. With Ad-Aware 10.2, selecting "Ignore" DOES NOT add the item to the ignore list, it simply prevents any action being taken THIS TIME ONLY. [b]Please add an option, "Add to Ignore List" to the available actions.[/b] 2. When Real-Time Protection detects and quarantines a threat that I would like to ignore, to actually achieve this requires a convoluted series of manual actions:[list=1] [*]Switch off Real-Time Protection [*]Open the Quarantine list, select the item and click Restore. Note that if step 1 is not taken first, RTP simply re-quarantines the file almost instantly - dumb! [*]Open the Ignore list, click Add, then browse to the file and select it. [*]Switch on Real-Time Protection. [/list] [b]Please add a third button to the Quarantine list, "Restore and add to Ignore List"[/b]